8 Fabulous Gifts For Your Most Fabulous Friend

Your best buddy does plenty of wonderful things for you. She’s always there to give you honest outfit advice, split a bottle of wine, or pour over your latest texting convo with your crush. But you're only human, and sometimes, you take your friendship for granted. Luckily, the holidays give you a wonderful excuse to buy your best friend a great gift and reflect on how special she is. Three cheers great friends! (Plus, three cheers for the material objects that enable us to keep them)!

Between the office parties and family get-togethers, drinking egg nog and binging on holiday movies with your biffle is basically what you’re living for this festive season. Your gift should say, “Thank you for the endless hours spent listening to me rant about work! Also, thanks for blowing off work to diligently deconstruct Scream Queens via g-chat with me!” Although picking out the perfect present seems hard (and stressful), it doesn't have to be. After all, it's really not about the cash you spend on a BFF gift. Say it with me now… It’s the thought that counts.

To help you find a great, economical gift for your class-act of a bestie, we've put together a short list of some fabulous presents. Check them out below, and happy shopping!

1. A Statement Wallet

Kate Spade New York Britton Place Stacy Continental Wallet, $65.99 at Macys

Not only is this wallet absolutely beautiful — it's extremely functional. Your bestie will use this baby for years to come. You might even consider picking one up for yourself. (It's not weird to match... Right?)

2. The Ultimate Wine Opener

Metrokane Rabbit 6-Piece Corkscrew and Wine Preserver Set, $59.99 at Macys

Upgrade your weekly best friend wine nights in a serious way.

3. Moisturizing Set

Limited Edition Hydration Essentials Set by Peter Max, $29.00 at Neiman Marcus

During the winter, everyone can use some moisturizer in their lives. Look out for your girl with this seriously useful gift set.

4. Faux-Fur Infinity Scarf

Faux Mink Fur Infinity Scarf in "Iced Mink", $79.00 at Neiman Marcus

Hey! If you ask nicely, she might even let you borrow it once in a while.

5. Luscious Lipsticks

Stila "Eternally Yours" Stay-All-Day Liquid Lipsticks, $39.00 at Birchbox

Make your friend's holiday (and lips) bright with this wonderful set of long-lasting lipsticks.

6. A Friendly Reminder Of Your Love

Kate Spade New York One in a Million Charm Necklace, $68.00 at Lord & Taylor

Let your best friend know how much she means to you with this charming necklace.

7. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Bodum Chambered 3-Cup French Press, $29.99 at Macys

You can never go wrong with the gift of caffeine. Enable your BFF's coffee addiction with this chic french press.

8. Portable Charger Back Me Up Mobile Charger in "Petite Party Dots," $30.00 at Birchbox

Like most best friends, you two probably text a lot (like, a lot, a lot). Help her keep that over-worked phone of hers fully juiced with this adorable portable charger.

Image: Tina Gong/ Bustle; Macys (3); Neiman Marcus (2); Birchbox (2); Lord & Taylor