This Model Made A Case For +Size Women In Beauty

The year 2015 undoubtedly saw an increase in social conversations surrounding the importance of seeing diverse representation of women, and women's bodies, in the fashion world (and the world at large). With that has arguably come more visibility for plus size models than ever before. Something we've yet to see much of, however, is plus size models in beauty (or shoe) campaigns. But a video that French plus size model Clementine Desseaux shared on her Instagram page in November is a great reminder that diversity of all kinds in the beauty industry is hugely important.

In the 15-second video, Desseaux is wearing Christian Louboutin's Rouge Matte Velvet, smiling and spinning in front of the camera. A representative for Louboutin told Refinery29, "Clémentine Desseaux was gifted a lipstick and she was so excited that she posted a video on her Instagram." Louboutin later shared the video on its social media pages, deeming Desseaux a "natural beauty." And her beauty is indeed impossible to ignore in this simple but gorgeous clip. However, seeing a plus size model rocking a luxury line like Louboutin is special for many more reasons than the aesthetic alone. After all, the idea of major luxury brands taking on plus size models for their editorials and campaigns is one that should be celebrated.

Only a couple of months ago did Beth Ditto walk for Marc Jacobs' Spring/Summer '16 show at New York Fashion Week, but the reality is that as far as the worlds of luxury, couture, and beauty go, plus size women — on all sizes of the plus spectrum — have been largely ignored. By choosing someone like Desseaux for a luxury campaign, however, a brand like Louboutin could put its best forward into the world of human acceptance. Showcasing a confident woman of a size larger than what we're accustomed to seeing in the mainstream could go a long way in spreading the message that beauty is not a "one size fits all" industry.

Logically, there's no reason not to feature plus size models in advertising campaigns. Yet more often than not when we see plus size women incorporated into brand marketing, it's done through clothing lines as opposed to beauty ones. But inclusivity, of course, should mean inclusivity in all departments.

Additionally, if as a plus size woman you're unsure as to whether a pair of Louboutins would be suitable for you for whatever reason, this super informative review by fashion blogger Kim (aka Naturally Fashionable) should help.

While we all wait for inclusivity and diversity in fashion and beauty to become totally fulfilled concepts, we can watch Desseaux making political and social statements through her work with the upcoming Jessica Lewis documentary Straight/Curve.

The documentary will take a look inside the lives of plus size models, as well as the plus size fashion industry at large, and seek to lessen the divide between the straight and plus size modeling worlds.


Editor's Note: A previous version of this article stated that Clementine Desseaux had been hired for a Louboutin ad campaign. At this time, Desseaux and Louboutin are unaffiliated. Bustle regrets these errors.