Taylor Swift Birthday Messages From Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss & More Are So Sweet — PHOTOS

Dec. 13 is a hallowed day, and has been since the pinnacle year of human existence, 1989. Why is that? Well, because it’s the day Taylor Alison Swift was born, of course. Acknowledging the importance of the whopping 26 years since her birth, T.Swift’s friends and fans wished her happy birthday on social media all day on Sunday. It's been super sweet to see their support, and I think the music maven deserves a little public kudos on her big day, don’t you?

If you’ve ever felt special getting personally dedicated photo collages and what-not from your own non-famous friends and family on your birthday, you’ll appreciate how Swift’s loved ones are carrying on the new,yet universal, tradition. Despite their declarations being so public, many of them still got all mushy and sentimental in their birthday wishes, and it made Taylor-lovers like me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. From their essay-like captions to heartfelt remembrances, it’s clear that her squad pulled out all the stops. Only the best for Becky, guys. Only the best.

Here are some super sweet birthday wishes from Swift’s famous friends and some extra dedicated fans (who she considers friends), too:

Gigi Hadid

Best use of a GIF, am I right?

Alessia Cara

Talented musicians appreciating one another gives me life.

Jaime King

Take the time to read the caption. It's long, but touching.

Martha Hunt

The "Bad Blood" reference make this a winning birthday tribute.

Ruby Rose

It's Taylor Swift day indeed.

Selena Gomez

So adorable.

Gina Rodriguez

Jane the Virgin <3's T. Swift. Pretty damn cool.

Karlie Kloss

This is the nicest.

Shawn Mendes

Since he's such a little cutie, I'll forgive his "old" quip. After all, I'm only 13 months younger than Swift, myself.

Ellen DeGeneres

DeGeneres always knows what to say.

Ansel Elgort

Can the duo top this photo series this year? One can hope.

Mae Whitman

Aw, this is sweet.

Lily Aldridge

What a great throwback.


No lack of birthday enthusiasm here, folks.

I bet Tay is feeling pretty good right about now. Happy birthday, girl!