The Strangest Eating Utensils Of All Time Are Even Weirder Than You'd Imagine — Pizza Fork, Anyone?

Utensils are one of those subjects so boring it's practically a non-topic — unless you're talking about the strangest eating utensils of all time, that is. Of course, if your date breaks out their opinions on the not-so-great Spork Debate, you're still totally justified in coming down with a sudden case of needing to wash your hair. However, if they happen to turn the conversation to utensils like the Pizza Fork or the Potato Chip Grabber, you might want to stick around purely for the educational factor.

British company Red Candy rounded up some of the contenders for the strangest utensils of all time, and as it turns out, it's a hilariously interesting topic. Although each utensil is unique in its bizarrely useless way, there are several themes. First, you've got the stuff of lazy people's dreams, such as the Cookie Dipper. This brilliant utensil is exactly what it sounds like: A stick to hold your cookie when you dip it in milk, because apparently getting your fingers wet when you're eating cookies was a problem that needed to be solved. Similarly, someone has also invented the Popcorn Fork, which isn't a fork so much as a grabby-thingy you stab into a bag of popcorn to keep from getting your hands dirty, and the Potato Chip Grabber, which requires no explanation.


Then you've got the weird-yet-useful kind, like the Australian Field Ration Eating Device (F.R.E.D.). A combination of a spoon, can opener, and bottle opener, F.R.E.D. could come in surprisingly handy for those stranded in the wilderness with nothing but an endless supply of soup and bottled root beer. (Incidentally, I believe I've discovered the plot of James Franco's next movie.)

The remaining category, "peculiarly useless," raises more questions than it answers. What are the functions of utensils like the Cake Breaker, Finger Spoon, and Glow in the Dark Cutlery? Who created them? Why did their inventors use their powers of reasoning to make miniature finger spoons instead of literally anything else? The world may never find out.

Check out the infographic below. Who knows? You might even learn some new information to parade around at parties, as long as you're comfortable with being known as Utensil Lady.

Images: Elena/Fotolia; Courtesy of Red Candy, ; Giphy (1)