Cher And Ted Cruz Are Feuding

The campaigning leading up to the 2016 election has been nothing if not hostile, especially for the Republican party. With presidential hopefuls increasingly attacking each other as the Iowa Caucus looms closer, it's becoming harder and harder to pick a nominee who hasn't been combative. One surprising war of words has emerged between a prominent candidate and a pop culture icon, however. Cher and Ted Cruz are feuding on Twitter and it is the most random, wonderful battle that the election cycle has seen so far.

Cher attacked Cruz by comparing him to the biblical traitor Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve disciples and the only one to betray Jesus in exchange for thirty silver coins. The songstress' knowledge of the New Testament is impressive but Cruz's "kill 'em with kindness" reply may be even more notable. Rather than engage in a heated argument, Cruz retweeted Cher's derision of him, adding a bit of gratitude and well wishes. "Cher, thanks for the kind sentiments. And I wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year," Cruz tweeted. Either he's practicing his diplomacy or the Texas senator truly has no idea what Cher is talking about. Cruz certainly must have gotten the message when Cher referred to him as "satan incarnate" and said that he scares her, right?

Cruz has been fairly silent since tweeting out good tidings to Cher, presumably distracted by his rising poll numbers showing him leading in Iowa for the first time all year. The presidential hopeful's supporters have taken the lead, however. Cher claims to have received hateful messages following Cruz's surprisingly chipper tweet. Nevertheless, she's standing by her statements against him, joining a long list of people who actively dislike Cruz, including his former college roommate Craig Mazin. The screenwriter has repeatedly gone on record to denounce Cruz and may very well join Cher in her attack against him.

The iconic entertainer is no stranger to political beefs, having previously butted heads with GOP front-runner Donald Trump over her thoughts on former Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Cher's a liberal and, by the looks of her past tweets, a Hillary Clinton supporter. She previously tweeted that her 2016 dream team would be Hillary serving as commander in chief with husband Bill Clinton as vice president. Cruz, predictably, gets no love. He can't ignore Cher forever, though. May this feud last longer than his Obamacare filibuster and be just as bizarre.