Who Is 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Friend Tammy? The Ladies' Miami Trip Has Some Revelations

The Real Housewives of Atlanta has a new "friend" joining the show: Tammy, Cynthia's friend, who you may remember from dramatically jumping off of the boat on the original outing. And having her in the group must be awkward for Sheree, whose ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, counts Tammy as a close friend. So who is Tammy on Real Housewives of Atlanta ? What is her deal, and how come she's so darn dramatic all the time without actually being a part of the RHOA cast?

Tammy and Porsha's friend Shamea have been invited to a lot this season's big events, including the Miami trip that was meant to make up for the disastrous trip that Kenya put together on the original boat. But Tammy has been pulling a lot of focus so far this season — she's compiling a very compelling reel for potentially being the next official cast member. But since she's not holding a peach in the opening credits, the audience doesn't get the opportunity to get to know Tammy all that well. Her home life, her history with some of the ladies, and her personality have been hidden from the audience. So, in case you're curious about what makes this lady tick, here's the top 6 things to know about new recurring cast member on Real Housewives of Atlanta Tammy McCall Browning.

Well, She's Tammy McCall-Browning

She has an Instagram and updates it regularly, if you're curious about her.

She Disappears At Every RHOA Outing

It's kind of weird.

Her Son Really Is A Rapper

And she really is his manager, or, as her Instagram caption reads, "#momager." Freedom Augmon has one supportive mama — she even made him a dramatic trailer for his high school basketball game.

She Throws It Back To The Dance Days

Tammy talks about her past experience as a dancer on the show and she shares examples of her time dancing on her IG. She's certainly a flexible gal!

She's A Dude Magnet

Tammy seemed very proud of her husband, who she called "Aryan" white. While I think there's a better way to phrase that — he is pale, but as always, Tammy has to cause controversy with her comments. And she used to be with Stacey Augmon, a professional basketball player. But in addition to them, it seems like she's constantly posing with different guys on Instagram. Kenya was right!

She's Pals With Sheree's Ex

This came up during the dinner... and she might be more than friends with him. She insists that she never did anything with him, and yet Sheree swears that Bob named her as one of his extramarital hookups. It doesn't seem like this is going to be resolved peacefully. RHOA should be on the lookout — don't let these two go off alone.

Image: Bravo (screenshot); Giphy