'RHOA' Shows The Porsha/Cynthia Aftermath

by Kayla Hawkins

In the closing moments of the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, a scuffle broke out between Porsha Stewart and Cynthia Bailey. And while it was hard to tell with the reality TV editing, according to some of the ladies, Cynthia kicked Porsha in the stomach. Normally, physical fighting is strictly against the Real Housewives rules, and can even result in someone getting kicked off of the series or demoted, the way Porsha was sidelined after grabbing Kenya by the hair.

But while Porsha showed that she did definitely have some bruising over her body, it's not necessarily from Cynthia's kick, since the cameras also showed that Porsha was grabbed by some kind of walkie-talkie wielding production assistant and forcibly held down on a deck chair. That might explain the extensive bruising on her arm. But being kicked in the stomach, even lightly, could have caused her alleged injuries there, especially since everyone, including Cynthia, agrees that she did kick Porsha.

The episode showed the different ways the ladies interpreted the event as they all told the story differently. In Kenya's words, Cynthia kicked Porsha purely in self defense to push the attacker away. While Phaedra's version of the story put Cynthia Bailey, who was wearing flat sandals in real life, into a pair of sharp stilettos that sliced and diced Porsha's stomach. In Cynthia's opinion, she did the bare minimum to get Porsha out of her space, and seemed distressed that this was the first physical fight she's ever gotten into in her life.

After the fight, Cynthia admitted to Peter that she was really acting out because she's worried about their marriage, not really what Porsha said. And this whole fight situation seems totally different than the one that got Porsha temporarily booted. First of all, according to TMZ's Bravo sources, Porsha was fired because she didn't have enough of a storyline, and that she was only asked to leave the reunion taping because of the scuffle.

Also, Porsha has not filed charges against Cynthia the way Kenya tried to get Porsha prosecuted for assault, suggesting that the incident was not a serious attack. Cynthia also seemed regretful that she acted so violently in self defense, and by the end of the episode, Cynthia and Porsha both made moves to reconcile at Kenya's reunion lunch. But more than anything, it's a foregone conclusion that Cynthia sticks around for the rest of the season — because she's already been seen filming with Claudia Jordan, fellow RHOA, on Season 3 of Below Deck . However, Porsha was nowhere to be seen, so... it's possible that these two have sworn off any future boat-related events.

Image: Rodrigo Valera/Bravo; Giphy