‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Does ‘Die Hard’ For Its Christmas Episode & It’s More Hilarious Than Action Packed

Unfortunately, crime doesn't stop for the holidays. However, it looked like the Brooklyn Nine-Nine crew was going to have a very ordinary Christmas during Sunday night's episode of the show. Thankfully for all of us safely watching at home, Brooklyn Nine-Nine decided to put its characters in a situation similar to what John McClane experiences in the 1988 Bruce Willis action movie Die Hard for its Christmas episode this season. This episode might not have been as epic as Die Hard, but it was definitely one of the funniest and most enjoyable of this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

So how did the Brooklyn Nine-Nine crew end up reenacting Die Hard, anyway? Well, first the episode did start out with that mundane Christmas situation I was talking about earlier. Jake messed up big time by forgetting to get his bestie Charles a Christmas gift, so he had to enlist the help of Gina to get him something as equally amazing as the "heart attack soda" Charles got Jake. And yes, that was actually something Jake really wanted.

Unfortunately, Charles found out about the last-minute shopping trip. Instead of coming clean, Jake said he was off to get something for Amy. Charles, being the wonderful friend that he is, invited himself along to help Jake get Amy the perfect present. Luckily, Gina was able to distract Charles long enough so that Jake could sneak off and pick up gift for Charles. But once again, the too-caring Charles swiped the gift from Jake's hand and discovered the Canyon Stank cologne Jake had really bought for Charles. Jake said the cologne was for Amy because he wanted her to smell more like Charles.

Whether Charles this or not at that moment didn't really matter. A group of armed robbers took hostages and shut down the story with Jake, Gina, and Charles still in it. Even though Charles had given Jake his dream Christmas gift earlier in the episode, this is really all Jake ever wanted for the holidays, to be in a "real-life Die Hard," as he put it.

Jake loves Die Hard more than anything, so he could hardly contain his excitement over being in a real-live version of it, even if it was a scary situation. Jake tried his best to have his "John McClane moment" as he tried to save the hostages in the Goodwin's department store, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine's version of the Nakatomi Plaza in Die Hard. However, not everything matched up so well with his beloved movie. Even though Jake gave the robbers German names, they really turned out to be Canadian. Jake and Charles also had to improvise with whatever they could find in the store to use as weapons, including a mannequin arm, which shown to us through a hilariously underwhelming montage.

There were plenty of other setbacks for Jake and Charles as well. Since Gina is a civilian, their No.1 priority was to keep her safe, but she was captured by the robbers early on. The Vulture also returned to wreak havoc on the situation by being in charge of all of the backup police officers and wanting to raid the store, something that Jake thought was even more dangerous than the current hostage situation.

Eventually, Jake also found himself taken by the hostages. Though he was delighted to finally come face-to-face with a real bad guy, Jake wasn't so keen on actually being in danger. Thankfully, Charles showed up just in the nick of time in a white tank top that McClane would be very proud of to take down the bad guys and free the hostages. He even said McClane's iconic line of "Yippee kayak, mother buckets." OK, it was close.

But even after that ordeal, Jake was mostly concerned about how he treated his best friend Charles this holiday season. He eventually came clean about forgetting about his present, which normally would have crushed Charles. However, the fact that Jake kept Charles safe and gave him his "John McClane moment" was all Charles could have asked for this Christmas.

Ahhhh, do you feel that? Brooklyn Nine-Nine really knows how to get you right in the heart, especially during its holiday episodes. I bet you Die Hard never made you feel this warm and fuzzy inside.

Images: John P. Fleenor/Fox; Giphy (3)