Off The Shoulder Fashion To Try This Winter Season

There's something so subtly sexy about someone showing off their shoulders. This is an especially important sentiment this season, when the biting winds have got us covering and layering up. This fall and winter, add some sexiness to your look with off the shoulder outfits that are guaranteed to up your confidence without having to freeze your buns off.

While some people can do the bare-legged thing during the winter, I surely cannot. You're talking to the gal here that wears a near floor-length parka, a pair of leggings under corduroys, wool socks, and Timbs. Don't forget a wool hat, lined gloves, and a puffy scarf. There are times when fashion supersedes comfort, but the winter season is not one of them. Ice does not mess around. Neither does wind.

So basically, I end up spending November through March essentially in a Teletubby suit (the yellow one, of course). But, when I do feel like I want to add a little edge to my look, my off the shoulder tops make all the difference. And with a sweater and parka on top, I'm still warm as ever.

Of course, if you're in a region with warm weather all year long, good for you. But for my fellow winter sufferers like me, consider this look for when it's absolutely horrendous outside (or, stay in, which is my favorite activity, because like, my favorite part about making plans is breaking them). Below, check out some of my favorite off the shoulder looks to invest in this season.

1. The Midi

Silence + Noise Off-The-Shoulder Long-Sleeved Midi Dress, $69, Urban Outfitters

You can wear this baby in the spring/summer/fall, but best of all (I'm a poet), in the winter, too. I love a good moto jean with a dress on top. Try it.

2. The Sweater Dress

Boohoo Plus Off The Shoulder Jumper Dress, $32, ASOS

Again, jeans with dresses. Or, if that's not your cup of tea, fleece lined leggings. I have several pairs, and they are heaven on earth.

3. The Bell Sleeve

Love Sam Bella Off The Shoulder Top, $143, Shopbop

This plus an edgy leather choker? Love it.

4. The Winter White

BCA Double Georgette Off-Shoulder Top, $250, Rebecca Taylor

Love how silky this top looks. With a pair of black skinnies and chunky heeled booties, you're set for any night out.

5. Bodycon

Plus Size Jersey Bardot Ribbed Bodycon Dress, $25, Missguided

This is when tights and a floor-length parka are your best friend.

6. The Tunic

Tibi Off Shoulder Tunic, $325, Shopbop

Tunics, how I love thee. They allow me to wear leggings as pants, so I'm all about the tunic.

7. Ruffles Galore

Forever21 Plus Size Ruffled Off-The-Shoulder Top, $23, Forever 21

If you're into that boho look, this top is for you.

8. The Cute Crop

Aqua Texture Dot Off The Shoulder Top, $68, Bloomingdales

Call me insane (or genius), but I'd love to layer this on top of a crisp white button up or fitted long sleeve.

9. Metallic Enthusiasts

Gold Metallic Structured Shoulder Top, $54, ASOS

This is what I want to wear to my work holiday party.

10. The Fold Over

Plus Size Off-The-Shoulder Sweater, $20, Forever 21

This sweater is giving me some major Sandy vibes. All you need is the teased hair, hot pants, and red mules.

Is it April yet? We haven't even had a flake of snow touch the ground, and I'm already counting down the days. Sure, holiday cheer, presents, big fires, and hot cocoa are nice, but I'm dreading the days when it's actual painful to be outside. Warmth, I'm going to miss you when you leave. But at least I'll have off the shoulder looks, cozy socks, and faux fur to keep me cozy and cute.