5 Gift Wrapping Hacks To Make Your Life Easier, Because You're Busy Enough This Holiday Season

One of my favorite parts of the entire holiday season is purchasing and wrapping gifts. But, I know that not everybody shares my same enthusiasm. So, for those who are always less than excited about wrapping that pile of presents (or less than prepared to do so), there are tons of handy gift wrapping hacks that are sure to help you out.

Honestly, gift wrapping is almost like a competitive sport to me. Give me all of the bows, tissue paper, and ribbons, and I'll turn that stack of presents into a work of art. If you ask me, half the fun of gift-giving comes with the beautiful presentation. Although, admittedly, I usually wind up a little disappointed when people tear into all of my hard work without so much as a second glance at that handmade bow that took me half an hour.

At any rate, there isn't much out there that could stop me from completely Leslie Knope-ing my gift wrapping. But, even I could use a few tricks to make the entire process a little quicker, easier, or more economical — because it doesn't take long for all of those store-bought bows and accessories to add up to a pretty hefty price tag.

So, I've pulled together these gift wrapping hacks that are sure to take a little of that stress out of the entire process — and help you save some money too!

1. Use craft paper instead of wrapping paper

Wrapping paper can get pretty expensive — particularly when there's only a couple feet per each roll. And, if you're aiming to up your wrapping game with a bunch of different looks, having to purchase a ton of varying options is a pricey pain.

Skip the traditional option, and purchase a large roll of craft paper instead. Or, brown grocery bags give the same effect as well. Then, you can dress everything up with different ribbons, gift tags, and even Washi tape for different looks. Your gifts will all be cute and coordinated — with very little effort!

2. Wrap gifts diagonally

Bad news. You've been wrapping gifts all wrong this entire time. So, throw what you thought you know about gift wrap out the window! Turns out, doing things diagonally makes everything much easier — and you only need two pieces of tape! The method is extremely popular in Japan, and for good reason. Just watch the video. You'll be glad you did.

Todd Tripp on YouTube

3. Reuse potato chip bags

Here's another way you can save yourself a trip to the store for more wrapping paper. Reuse potato chip bags! No, your gift won't have "Doritos" emblazoned on the side. Instead, you turn the bag inside-out to create a beautiful, metallic gift.

4. Use double-sided tape

There's nothing worse than all of those visible tape lines on your pristinely wrapped presents. It just looks sloppy. Well, you can avoid that issue by simply utilizing double-sided tape. Your present will look so perfect, nobody will want to open it.

5. Incorporate the outdoors

Bring the outdoors in, and use nature to adorn those Christmas gifts! With twigs, pinecones, and pine branches, you have endless options for creating rustic and festive gift wrap. Even better? It's free!

Looking for more holiday cheer? Check out Bustle on YouTube.

Bustle on YouTube

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