Emma Roberts Is Basically Hannah Horvath In New 'Adult World' Trailer

Emma Roberts may be killing it (literally, sometimes) as Madison Montgomery on American Horror Story: Coven every week, but, sometimes, it's nice to see a different side of an actress. Like, say, a side that can portray a slightly neurotic/manic aspiring poet who works in an adult video store yet still keep her endearing! That's where this movie comes in: In this new trailer for Adult World , we get a glimpse of Emma Roberts as exactly that, along with real-life fiancé Evan Roberts as her love interest and John Cusack as the writer she's always looked up to and would like to smash his head open "and take everything in there." Pleasant!

Some plot info: A recent college grad living in Syracuse, Roberts' character is told by her parents that she needs to financially support herself and get a job, so she ends up working at an adult film video store — one of the last in existence, I guess, since everyone gets their adult films online these days — while working on her poetry. If she were living in Brooklyn instead, working at a coffee shop, and trying to write a novel, she would basically be Hannah Horvath from Girls.

If you need any more proof other than this that this film is worth checking out: It already premiered at the TriBeCa film festival last year, and garnered pretty fair reviews. So, get watching!