Things Will Get Messy In 'TVD's 100th Episode

The CW's first vampire drama The Vampire Diaries will return Thursday, Jan. 23 with its 100th episode, "500 Years of Solitude," (it's really been that long since the show premiered) and viewers are in for a seriously shocking hour of television. And it won't have anything to do with Nina Dobrev's Elena and Ian Somerhalder's Damon rekindling their romance — even though we're all wishing that they'll get back together on screen and in real life ASAP — instead, the always-BFF Caroline is going to get her time in the relationship spotlight. At least, that's what it sounds like according to the episode's leaked synopsis.

The synopsis revealed that Candice Accola's Caroline Forbes, Elena's BFF who's had this weird will-they-won't-they tension with Elena's ex, Stefan Salvatore, for awhile, will be engaging in some "scandalous behavior" next week. And according to Zap2it scandalous is an understatement for what the fast-talking, perfectionist will get herself into. It was also revealed that Caroline will making a "stunning confession" to Elena and she'll have to face the consequences of her actions with Stefan and her own ex-hybrid boyfriend, Tyler. (Yay, Tyler will be back to cause more trouble!) So this is going to be a very Caroline-heavy episode, among many other story lines of course, and we're excited.

But what will her "scandalous behavior" be? We have two guesses, and according to Paul Wesley, either of those could be right. The actor told fans at EyeCon 2013, "They grow you know closer as Season 5 goes on. I take it that a lot of you guys like Klaus and Caroline together... Yeah, I know, but I like that Steroline business. They have a nice little thing going on." They definitely have — Caroline's been a good friend to Stefan and she's been there for him a hell of a lot more than anyone else for the past two seasons. So will those two get together and make their friendship romantic? Here's the two ways Caroline's "scandalous behavior" and "stunning confession" could go:

Caroline Kisses Stefan, Admits To Liking Him As More Than A Friend

This is problematic in so many ways — the first being that Elena is her BFF and even though she declares her love for Damon on a episodic basis, she'll never let go of Stefan. This is also problematic because Stefan really relies on Caroline to be a voice of reason and a strong, stable friend because he's so emotionally unstable that he could spontaneously combust at any moment. If she were to make a move and he didn't reciprocate — it would make everything so unbearably awkward and anyone who watches TVD knows that Caroline CANNOT handle awkward like, at all.

But let's just say she makes the move — or Stefan does for that matter — and it's reciprocated, what would happen next? Would they be able to live happily ever after even though the doppelgänger curse says that Stefan and Elena are destined to be together? Probably not. They'd also have to deal with the wrath of Tyler who has nothing to lose and basically lashes out like he has a death wish every few episodes. So, to recap, all of their friends would be like, "WTF????" and Tyler would be like, "I'M GOING TO BITE YOU ALL BECAUSE I'M A CRAZY HYBRID WHOSE MOTTO IS YOLO," and Mystic Falls would fall into a catastrophe zone.

Oh, and all of the Klaroline 'shippers would wage war on the Steroline 'shippers and the world would fall into shambles — well, maybe just social media but still.

Caroline Kisses Klaus, Admits To Being In Love With Him And Gives Tyler The Boot For Good

This would just drive everyone up the wall. First, if you're like me, you've been rooting for these two to get together since they first laid eyes on each other. Klaus loves her and that's saying a lot because he's more or less the most evil creature to walk the Earth. This would also mean the end of Tyler because he hates Klaus so much that hopefully, finding out that his ex is dating his mortal enemy will cause him to spontaneously combust so we no longer have to listen to him whine and complain about EVERYTHING.

So, here's hoping for that. But in all the happiness that would come out of these two finally getting together — Caroline confessing that she has feelings for Klaus would ruin all of her friendships (but she might get to leave and go to The Originals and that would be really fun for all involved) because everyone hates Klaus because, again, he's evil. But even so — they're just so great together. And what better opportunity for Joseph Morgan to reprise his role as Klaus on TVD than its 100th episode? After all, it was announced that he would appear on the show sometime this season.

You can see how both of these "scandalous behavior/stunning confession" situations could be entirely possible, right? Honestly, we're pulling for Klaroline just because they're romantic as hell without all of the "you're dating my ex and my supernatural soul mate" drama but I guess we could deal with her hooking up with Stefan. Either way, we're excited to see Tyler freak out.

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