6 Things All Voting Adults Should Know, According To The Political Enthusiasts Reddit

I think we all know that generally, voting is important in the United States. Right? That is a thing we should all know. But there is a lot more to voting than just filling in a box, so here are six things that all voting adults should know according to the political enthusiasts of Reddit.

One of the most recent AskReddit topics, "What are the things that every voting adult should understand?" turned out to be more interesting than most of my history and political science classes have been. Guys, I feel so informed. I'm floatin' around on a cloud of information. All these knowledge vibes are really combatting the disheartening ugliness that's currently in pretty much every single headline out there. You should try this out, this "reading up on the facts" thing. It's pretty cool.

The main gist of the Reddit comments, though, tended to fall under a few main topics. I will summarize them for you: even though you're not single-handedly choosing the President, your vote counts. Your vote counts even more when it comes to local elections, though, so remember that voting is not solely for Presidential nominees. Taxes are not nearly as straightforward as I thought. Also, we don't live in a monarchy, and the reasons for a president "not getting enough stuff done" are vast and complicated.


Since we're coming up on an election year, all of this is even more relevant then ever, so let's begin. We should all know that...

1. Elections Are Not Just for the POTUS

Local races often do come down to a few votes, and those elected will be making decisions that directly effect you as an individual.

2. And Voting in Every Election Round Is Important

Primary election equals choosing the nominees for each party. General election equals party nominees running against one another.

3. Because Here's the Thing: Your Vote Does Count

Yes, the electoral college is a confusing... thing. But a good thing to remember is that when voting in a national election, you're actually voting in a state election. Your vote counts just as much as every other person in your state. Your vote may count more (or less), though, than that of another person's in another state.

4. Do Know What Kind of Electoral Process You're Voting In

For example, if you're a registered Democrat voting in a closed Primary, you can only vote for which Democrat you'd like to represent your party. This is very important. Do not forget it.

5. And What You're Voting For (Or Against)

Like taxes. Ack, these give me a headache.

6. Oh, and Don't Forget That the United States Isn't a Monarchy

So blaming the President for "not getting stuff done" is rarely a fair critique.

Head on over to AskReddit for more. It's worth a read. Don't forget to vote!

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