Prince Harry & Pippa Are Facing Some Crazy Rumors

Step aside Prince William and Kate Middleton, because a new royal romance may be in bloom. According to OK! magazine, Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton are dating. Say what now? Per an unknown source, the siblings of one of the most famous royal couples ever have been in a "secret romance" for several months now. Seeing as this report and all of the details (provided below) are coming from a tabloid, I'm not so sure this so-called romance should be taken to heart. If you're a Harry and Pippa shipper, try not to get too excited just yet.

An insider told OK!, "They're trying to play it coy, but there's no doubt that this is developing into something serious. They're truly sweet together and, in fact, seem very much in love." Apparently "sparks flew" way back at William and Kate's wedding, because the two were reportedly caught, by none other than Kate, "snogging in the bathroom!" Ever since that day, Harry and Pippa have apparently "spent the night several times" together and William even "found the twosome in a compromising position." If that isn't enough, Harry supposedly romanced Pippa by playing Adele, Ellie Goulding, and Bruno Mars' music, and with wine and pasta carbonara that he made himself.

I find myself fascinated by these rumors and very vivid details about how Harry "wooed" Pippa, which I blame on The Royal We written by Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks, better known as The Fug Girls. I just started reading the book (which is fabulous, by the way) and now I'm obsessed with royal romances. With that said, it just seems too good to be true that Harry and Pippa are an item, and here is evidence that may or may not debunk these ridiculous, albeit hilarious, rumors.

Exhibit A: Harry's Royal Wedding Date

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Now, I personally don't know Harry, but he seems like a pretty standup guy. Anyways, OK! reports that Harry and Pippa were "snogging" at the royal wedding. Well, seeing as Harry took his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy to his brother's nuptials, I'm going to say that make-out session with Pippa didn't happen. I don't see Harry sneaking off to kiss Pippa in a bathroom, while he was there with someone else, and someone he'd been attached to since 2004.

Exhibit B: Harry Is Way Too Busy

Now, that's not to say Pippa isn't busy either, but Harry continues to make headlines for his work all over the world. For three months, Harry did conservation work in Africa. How does one keep up with such a steamy and committed relationship if half of that pairing is across the world? Granted, it seems royals are somehow trained to keep their relationships alive, no matter if they're on the other side of the globe and rarely ever home, but Harry's intense schedule is just another nail in the coffin when it comes to the prince dating Pippa.

Exhibit C: These Rumors Are Old News

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Ever since William and Kate got married in 2011, rumors of Harry and Pippa dating have been circulating. At that time, the Daily Mail reported Harry told concertgoers at a Live Nation event, "Pippa? Ha! No, I am not seeing anyone at the moment. I'm 100 percent single." He reportedly added, "I'm working a lot at the moment, so dating and watching TV are the last things I have time for."

Exhibit D: Harry's Been Spotted With An Ex

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In September, Harry celebrated his birthday with ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas, People reported. Even though it was also reported that Harry and Bonas were just friends and that he wasn't really seeing anyone at that particular time, isn't it strange that if he's truly been dating Pippa for several months now that he was hanging with an ex-girlfriend and not celebrating his birthday with Pippa? That said, I'm sure Harry is mature enough to chill with an ex without having any romantic attachment, so maybe he and Pippa celebrated in secret — you know, if the rumors are in fact true.

Exhibit E: A "Palace Insider" Says So

According to Gossip Cop, a "Palace insider exclusively assures Gossip Cop there is no truth the OK! cover story." There you have it. Why argue with this anonymous source?

Exhibit F: The Fug Girls Know All

Twins, really OK! magazine? Need I say more? If anyone knows if the rumor of Harry and Pippa dating is false, it's the women who wrote a book about a royal romance. Clearly, they are all-knowing.

Even though Harry would absolutely sweep me off my feet with Adele and a home-cooked meal, I highly doubt the Harry/Pippa romance is happening.

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