'Lip Sync Battle' Season 2 Is Twice As Epic

What I want to watch on TV usually depends on my mood, but one thing that works for all situations is celebrities jumping around having a great time. So, you can understand how delighted I am by the promo for Lip Sync Battle Season 2, which was released on Monday. The first season hit that real sweet spot for me, where I could watch it no matter how I was feeling. If I was happy, it made me more happy, and, if I was grumpy, I couldn't stay that way for long with Anna Kendrick beasting on "Booty" or Anne Hathaway gleefully flipping her opponent the bird as she swung through on a wrecking ball, Miley Cyrus style.

Something about the combination of seeing A-Listers relaxed and being themselves, and then genuinely and earnestly trying to impress their opponents and the audience with their choice of numbers, is just perfect. No one ever phones it in, because you'd be able to tell. Everyone flings themselves full-heartedly into the performance, and it is truly delightful, pretty much every time. And that appears to hold true for Season 2 as well, which will be coming your way with 20 new episodes on Jan. 7, 2016. And just to tide you over until then, here are the 13 best moments from the trailer. If you think you can handle them, that is.

1. When Even Channing Tatum Thinks "This Is Such A Bad Idea"

2. When JGL Threw His Coat At You For You To Hold While He's Onstage And Flashed You That Look

3. When Olivia Munn Burned Kevin Hart Hard

4. When Christina Aguilera Was Hiding Behind That Fan

5. And Chrissy Tiegen Was Genuinely This Excited About It

6. This Passionate Makeout Between Josh Gad And Somebody?

7. Channing Tatum Doing This

8. And The Fact That His Wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum's Reaction In This Image Is Allegedly Responding To The Fact That He Got Beyoncé Herself To Perform With Him

9. The. Backstreet. Boys.

10. Have I Mentioned How Much I Love Jim Rash From Community?

11. This Is Jenna Dewan-Tatum As Magic Mike, Right?

12. Joseph Gordon-Levitt SLAYING As Janet Jackson

13. Even LL Cool J Can't Handle It

I would tune in for anyone one of these things, but all of them? Wild horses — er, remotes — couldn't keep me away! See you in January, everybody.

Images: Spike (14)