Lala & James On Their 'Pump Rules' Relationship

Though there are a million fish in the proverbial sea, the staff at Lisa Vanderpump's SUR choose to swim among each other. It isn't that their boss encourages it — in fact, she wishes against it — but, alas, everyone is still dating each other. The newest couple on the block hasn't even officially become a couple, but they fight like one (and rightfully so, that bite mark incident was a discussion to be had). In an interview with Bustle, Vanderpump Rules stars Lala and James spoke about the current status of their relationship. "We like to hang out, all the time. We hang out nearly everyday," James says.

In the most recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, Lala and James hit a bit of a rough patch when it was revealed that James hooked up with Lala's friend Lauren. This time, the proof was not in the pudding, but on the back of James' arm—a self-identified erogenous zone for the DJ. So, one might think that this relationship is doomed, right?

"We definitely have love for each other, and we're just having fun," James says.

The relationship isn't without the skeptics. "Regardless of who you are and what you do, you're always going to have haters," James says. But, even though there are some "haters" out there, Lala says that she sees who James really is.

"I know the core," Lala says, "I get to see him everyday, and see the true spirit of who he truly is. While most people are sitting there saying that he's a crazy 23-year-old that's immature or out of control... James has his sh*t together."

Beyond the romance, the couple also merges in the studio. Before the bite mark incident of 2015, Lala and James laid down a track at her place, proving that they can still work together, despite their issues (this was after James called Lala a "basic b*tch").

"We've got a song called 'Feeling You,' and it should be out in January," James says. "Feeling You" is the track we saw James and Lala work on at her apartment. "Obviously, production has come a long way," James says. The PUMP DJ has also been working a PUMP album, which is comprised of 10 songs he wrote, composed, and produced.

So, for now, it seems like Lala and James are calling Uber cars for the haters and enjoying themselves as a couple—at least I think they're a couple.