Lala Kent Found Romance On 'Vanderpump Rules'

It sure isn't easy being the new girl (or guy, but mostly girl) on Vanderpump Rules. The senior staff at SUR is not all that welcoming to new people. Such is the drama facing Vanderpump Rules newbie Lala Kent right now, but she’s certainly taking it in stride. There have been a lot of rumors about if she started a relationship on the show, so let’s nip all of these lies in the bud now — Who is Lala Kent dating now?

If you’re not yet familiar with Lala, let me blow your mind. She started at SUR in the beginning of Season 4 (aka now), and James had some pretty offensive ways to describe her when they met. Charming, right? Anyway, Lala is a hostess at SUR and also models in her spare time. She lied about going on a trip to Italy when she was supposed to start working at SUR, saying it was a modeling trip that she had just found out about, though it turned out to be a free trip with friends. When she confessed this to Katie and Scheana, they were incensed that she would lie, which is ridiculous. Who wouldn’t take that trip? Telling them she was lying to Lisa was a bad move on Lala's part, but so much of this seems to stem from Scheana and Katie just not liking the new girl. And according to the Season 4 trailer of Vanderpump Rules, there’s even more drama brewing later for Lala, focusing on her possibly dating James, who at this point in the season is still with Kristen.

It turns out, those James rumors were terrifically true, because James and Lala are still together, as she confirmed in a November interview with Reality Tea. Why the people at SUR can only date people who work at SUR I’ll never know, but these two seem pretty happy. James and Lala are all over each other’s social media, and they’re super cute.

James & Lala Smile When They Support Vanderpump Rules Together…

...And Even While They Work At SUR

Sometimes, James & Lala Just Like To Goof Off...

...Though Usually, They Just Chill With Friends

They're Both Pretty Amazing At Modeling...

Even When Lala Doesn't Want To Because She Hates Halloween

So, basically, all the haters can step to the left, because Lala and James are together and still dating. I'm just looking forward to seeing how this relationship gets its start — and how everyone else at SUR reacts to it — this season on Vanderpump Rules.