Kourtney Is Not In That Justin Bieber Insta Pic

by Michelle McGahan

Justin Bieber's Instagram has long been a vehicle for the mysteries of the universe, such as the brunette behind the "Omg!! who is this?" post (fans found her) and the intriguing, faceless woman who he was cozied up with the same day those ridiculous Justin Bieber/Kourtney Kardashian "hookup" rumors started (TMZ found her). And since we now know that the mystery woman in Bieber's Insta photo is NOT Kourtney Kardashian, it kind of puts in a pin in the ever-swelling balloon that were those Justney Biebdashian rumors. Right?

On Sunday, Dec. 13, Us Weekly's sources claimed to the mag that Kardashian, 36, and Bieber, 21, had been hooking up and the "Sorry" singer was "bragging" about it to all of his friends. That same day, the Biebs took to Instagram to share a photo of himself in almost NSFW proximity to a mystery lady, captioning the photo simply, "Lord Knows" — two words that many felt was a diss to Kardashian's estranged ex, whose nickname is Lord Disick. And though one couldn't tell the identity of the woman in the photo, the name "Kourtney Kardashian" was tossed around pretty heavily — particularly in light of those rumors and the whole possible Scott Disick reference. But is it safe to conclude that since the woman in the photo isn't Kardashian, that the JB hookup rumors are false?

Though the Us sources' stories still stand regardless of the Insta Bieber posted, there's no doubt that the picture only helped fuel the rumors and was considered by some to be some kind of photographic evidence that Kardashian and Bieber are a thing. So the fact that this has now been debunked is definitely a tally mark on the side labeling these rumors as false.

Not to mention that there are many other good points when it comes to taking the whole Bieber/Kardashian fling story with a giant boulder of salt — a huge one being Bieber's maturity level being on par with Disick's, as my fellow Bustle writer Jamie Primeau has already pointed out. If Kardashian kicked Disick to the curb — the father of her three children — in order for him to get his act together and for him to try and become sober, why would she suddenly be having some flirty fun with a 21-year-old who has been known for some questionable behavior in the past? I cannot imagine that Kardashian would want to get mixed up in a situation like this, when she has so much going on in her personal life already.

And then there's the fact that Bieber is close with Kardashian's youngest sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Sure, it's proof that Bieber is tight with the Kardashian family — he even helped set up Kris Jenner with Corey Gamble, and is notably friends with Kourtney Kardashian — but the notion of her "hooking up" with her little sisters' friend, 15 years her junior, is just a little too outlandish — even by Kardashian standards.

So while the mysterious woman in JB's Instagram photo not being Kourtney Kardashian isn't enough to totally put those hookup rumors to rest, it certainly is one more nail in the koffin for that ship.