You'll Never Guess Who Bieber May Be Dating

Are you sitting down? If not, I highly recommend you take a seat before reading any further. All settled? OK, good, because this news is too much to handle. Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber may be "hooking up," according to inside sources at Us Weekly. While they seem to have compiled an array of evidence, I honestly think it's just too ridiculous a rumor, even for the Biebs. Us Weekly's inside source says, "Justin bragged to friends recently that he has been hooking up with Kourtney Kardashian." A second source added,

Oh yeah, that’s definitely happening and has been for some time now. Every time Kourtney and Justin are together they’re extremely flirtatious. They text each other all the time.

Hmmm, I'm super skeptical. On one hand, if the 36-year-old reality star actually wants to date the 21-year-old singer, more power to her. She's allowed to do whatever she wants. But based on how little tolerance she had for Scott Disick's antics, why would she choose to hang out with a notorious party boy like Bieber? Sure, he's publicly apologized for his behavior and seems to have grown up (as much as anyone who peed in a bucket and cursed Bill Clinton possibly could), but this all feels too farfetched. He's essentially a mini Scott. Anyone who "brags" about hooking up with someone is a little immature, don't you think?

Granted, I don't doubt that Bieber and Kourtney K. hang out. There's photographic evidence of them doing so. It makes sense, since Bieber is close with Corey Gamble, aka the boyfriend of Kourtney's mom Kris Jenner. Plus, he's friends with Kendall Jenner and attended the 19-year-old's birthday party, which means he's practically part of the family. Considering he hangs out with her little sis, I would imagine Kardashian views him as a brother too. In fact, Bieber even babysat Mason. Based on the photo shared afterwards, he's on the same level of goofiness as Kourt's 5-year-old son.

If Kardashian's split from Disick is any indication, she has no time for nonsense. She puts family first and makes her three kids her number-one priority. Reportedly she's working on rebuilding her relationship with Disick. Apparently they're a "family unit" again, so throwing Bieber in the mix would really just complicate things. Plus, with his childish tendencies, that'd just be one more person for Kardashian to have to look after.

Nevertheless, the Us Weekly rumors are pretty amusing. Over the weekend, they reported that after Kardashian played laser tag with friends, she visited Biebs in Hollywood. From the looks of Bieber's Instagram, he spent his Saturday night playing poker with Sour Patch Kids (no, seriously!) and there was no Kardashian in sight. The site also says that the pair hung out at a private karaoke party on Friday. If this actually is true, that's so much Bieber in such a short amount of time. Is this why Kendall and Kylie Jenner spent Saturday with Reign? Were they giving Kourtney a parenting break? I have so many questions.

Despite these claims, I would be incredibly shocked if the romance rumors are true. But in the words of Biebs himself, "Never say never." If I'm wrong, I promise to personally serenade the two of them with a rendition of "Sorry" to convey my apologies for having such a huge amount of doubt.