Cat Grant Knows Kara Is 'Supergirl' & Could Become A Major Ally

When the trailer for CBS' Supergirl premiered and we saw Kara Zor-El zipping along after Cat Grant, a character who seemed to resemble Miranda Priestly, there was no way I would have guessed that she would become one of my favorite characters. She's flawed, quippy, and always surprises me. Therefore, I'm thrilled that during Monday night's finale Cat Grant discovered Kara's secret on Supergirl. She knows that her bumbling assistant is a kickass vigilante. It's not fun when major players are in the dark about secret identities, and I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Plus, Kara may finally get the recognition she deserves at work. After Cat's emails were hacked, CatCo was on the defense to save her reputation. At the end of a meeting, Kara's super hearing allowed her to discover that her boss was being taken down by her own board. This meeting also provided us with the Cool Feminist Cliché Of The Week, some guy using "Devil's Advocate" as an excuse to mansplain. Loved it! Still, Kara had to prove that there was a traitor in their midst using human means, so Team Supergirl went into corporate espionage mode. With Winn Schott's hacking skills and James' undercover charm, the three of them managed to save the day.

At the end of the episode, Cat Grant requested a moment with Kara. Unsurprisingly, she had put together all of the little coincidences and timeline details to determine that Kara Daners is actually Supergirl. Someone had to eventually! She asked Kara to remove her glasses so that she could get a better look at her face. I half-expected Kara to snap back with "nobody ever asks Clark Kent to take off his glasses," but I guess that wouldn't have worked. Kara complied, and Cat was confirmed. While she still calls her assistant "Kira," which has to be resolved eventually, Ms. Grant actually thanked her for all that she's done for National City. Growth!

Where will this go from here? Is Cat Grant going to run an exclusive on Supergirl's identity to save her reputation? Could this actually be the worst news ever? Somehow, I doubt it. Maybe Kara's boss will adhere to the secrecy in the name of sisterhood. Maybe the DEO will threaten her. Maybe she just owes Supergirl too many favors. Kara seemed stressed about Cat's discovery, but I think this is probably a good thing. Kara did also learn that Cat has an older son named Adam — though while the timing is convenient, I don't think blackmail is her style. Cat is someone you want to have in your corner, and she and Kara have built a very strong working relationship on Supergirl. This secret will hopefully only make their bond stronger.

Image: Trae Patton/CBS