Was Baber's Performance Enough to Win 'The Voice'?

I'll admit, Barrett Baber really hasn't been on my radar this season. That is, until now. Baber took the stage in tonight's The Voice Live Finale with a smooth rendition of Thomas Rhett's "Die a Happy Man" and proved exactly why he's still here. He completely laid his heart out on the table by dedicating the song to his wife and kids. It was a sweet way to end off the season and, while it may or may not win him the trophy, it definitely ends his The Voice career on a high note.

Baber is one of two artists from Team Blake to make it to the Finale — and it's no wonder why. From his smooth country vocals to his friendly disposition, he quickly won over the show's country fan base. Anyone who's ever watched this show knows how important the country fans are to success in this competition, so Barrett was very lucky to have won them over early on. Though it wasn't only luck. The Arkansas native has a maturity and professionalism to him that his competitors lack. This has helped him stay confident and composed throughout this entire competition, and that confidence has certainly translated into more votes.

Baber has the following, but is it strong enough for him to take home the win? It's possible. The odds are definitely in his favor. Not only has his coach produced the most winners in the show's history, country singers have taken home the most wins of any other genre in the show's history. The competition is tough, though. Baber will split the country vote with his team mate, Emily Ann Roberts. He's sure to pick up some other votes along the way, but he'll have to steal them from Jordan Smith — which is no easy feat. At this point, though, it's anyone's game — and I, for one, can't wait to find out who comes out victorious.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC