21 Yoga Gift Ideas You Need To Get For The Yogi In Your Life

As someone who loves doing yoga, I can tell you that this practice is about more than just a workout — it is a lifestyle. This means that any yoga gift ideas are not just welcome, they are probably really appreciated and loved. So if you are struggling to figure out what to give that friend or family member who loves going to yoga classes, take a look at the below gift options — from apparel to home accessories, any yoga lover would be excited to open these presents.

Many of these gifts will be a hit whether the recipient is a yoga devotee who has been practicing for years, or a total newbie. There are items on here that will make it even easier to get to yoga class on time, clothes that are comfortable and cute, and random accessories that are just fun to give and receive.

This year, give the yogi in your life something more than a generic gift card or a pair of gripping socks. Give them something they will use all the time, and maybe wouldn't have thought to get on their own. Here are 21 amazing gifts that are perfect for the yoga lover you know.

1. A Yoga Mat Bag

Manduka Journey On To + Fro Yoga Mat Bag, $48, Urban Outfitters

Anyone who goes to yoga classes needs a mat bag — carrying the mat around on its own is annoying. This one is nice, because instead of just two straps, it holds the whole mat, protecting it from the elements (and anything else). It even has a little pouch for keys and stuff.

2. A Funny T-Shirt

Namaste Bitches Perfect Tee, $20, Jac Vanek

Who says you can't have a sense of humor when doing yoga? This tie-dye shirt is perfect for any situation.

3. A Yoga Book

Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathan, $11, Amazon

Rachel Brathen is a "yoga celebrity" on Instagram, but she's also a yoga teacher in Aruba, and she's incredibly inspirational. I love her book, which combines inspiring stories about her life with yoga sequences and poses, and even some healthy recipes.

4. A Skidless Yoga Mat Towel

Yogitoes Quest Mat Towel, $64, Amazon

The yogi in your life doesn't need extra accessories like gripping socks and gloves when she/he has a mat towel like this one. It grips to feet to prevent slipping and is super lightweight, making it so easy to carry around. It's also great because they can keep using their favorite mat.

5. Green Blender Subscription

Green Blender Subscription, $176/Month, Green Blender

Help your favorite yogi refuel after a yoga session with a delicious smoothie. With a Green Blender subscription, your friend will receive five smoothie recipes weekly, along with all the materials they need to make them. Amazing.

6. A Cute Mug

Namas-Tea Mug, $5, Modcloth

What better way for the yogi in your life to drink their herbal tea (or coffee, whatever) than with a mug covered in yoga positions? This will inspire them to do yoga even when they're not in the mood.

7. Yoga Cards

Yoga Positions Card Set, $15, Urban Outfitters

OK, I mean, I guess no one needs yoga cards, but they make a cute gift! These are great for traveling, and they're just fun to use whenever, really.

8. A Beanie

Moon Phases Beanie, $16, Gypsy Warrior

Everyone could use a cute beanie, especially when the colder weather (eventually) gets here. This beanie has adorable little moon symbols on it, so it's pretty perfect for the yogi in your life.

9. Fun Leggings

Fresh Take Leggings, $17, Modcloth

The best workout clothes for yoga is a pair of tight leggings, because they make it easy to do any position, and they keep everything covered up. These emoji leggings are pretty amazing, and will definitely put a smile on someone's face.

10. A Body Scrub

Nip+Fab Yoga Blend Body Scrub , $10, Ulta

Part of doing yoga is taking care of your body, obviously, and something like a body scrub is great for making your skin feel great, and making you feel refreshed. This one has a calming scent, and is purifying and detoxifying.

11. A Funny Sign

I Do Yoga Sign, $12, Francesca's

This is perfect for your friend who loves to do yoga, be healthy and be totally zen, but who also continues to feel totally stressed out. Because let's face it, yoga doesn't solve every problem out there.

12. A Cute Poncho

Positive Vibes Poncho, $120, Shop Nylon

If you're willing to drop a little bit of money on a friend or family member who loves yoga, this poncho makes an adorable gift. It's perfect for wearing to class, or after class, or just when you want to look like you did yoga even if you didn't.

13. A Zen Piece Of Jewelry

Peace and Protection Bracelet Stack, $21, Etsy

This bracelet stack includes a hamsa, and the stones mean peace and protection — which is what the practice of yoga is all about. Plus, the purple beads are gorgeous. And for $21, it's a great price for two pieces.

14. Reversible Yoga Mat

Elephant Reversible Yoga Mat, $28, Gaiam

I have this yoga mat, and I'm obsessed with it. The elephant print is so cute, and the reverse side is bright and nice to look at. It's fun to switch it around sometimes, and it's also relatively lightweight.

15. A Travel Bag

Sweaty or Not Kit , $48, Lululemon

This bag makes it super easy to get to yoga or gym class. It has a pocket specifically made for sweaty, gross clothes if someone is changing and needs to store their clothes somewhere, as well as a removable pouch for smaller items.

16. Reflective Yoga Leggings

PINK Ultimate Reflective Yoga Leggings , $60, Victoria's Secret

These leggings are great for yoga, but they're great for an active lifestyle in general. They have reflective material on them, which is perfect if your friend likes to run or walk outside at night.

17. An Adult Coloring Book

The Mindfulness Coloring Book, Vol. 2 , $8, Amazon

Adult coloring books are a fun way to get rid of stress, relax, and get your creative juices flowing. The same can be said about doing yoga. There are lots of options out there, but this Mindfulness coloring book has such pretty coloring pages.

18. A Helpful Backpack

Yoga Sak, $55, Amazon

How cool is this sports backpack made specifically with yogis in mind? The convenient space for the mat is cool enough — add the separate pockets for smaller items, and you're giving a friend the gift of organization. This makes traveling to yoga class so much easier.

19. A Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Healthful Hydration Fruit Infusing Sport Water Bottle, $11, Amazon

If your friend is so into yoga that you're buying them yoga gifts, they're most likely pretty invested in a healthy lifestyle. And even if they aren't, they need water anyway! This fruit infuser bottle makes water instantly more fun and interesting.

20. Vegan Chocolates

Chakra Box , $30, Chocoveda

Of course not every yogi is vegan, but if your friend or family member is, then this makes for a great present. These are delicious and also completely adorable.

21. A Pretty Sports Bra

Onzie Chic Bra, $28, Onzie

When practicing yoga, a sports bra is obviously necessary. Fortunately, yoga doesn't require heavy-duty sports bras with tons of support, so it's a great time to wear strappy, pretty pieces you might not be able to use when running. This one is so pretty, and functional.

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