What's The Song In The 'Fantastic Beasts' Trailer?

In case you've somehow missed it, let me be the first to inform you that the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them trailer is out. I'll wait for you to stop screaming. It might not quite be two minutes, but it does give us a lot more footage from the film, not to mention a short overview of the plot, and this is basically the most exciting thing to happen to the world since the new Star Wars movie. No doubt, everyone has tons of questions about the film, and the trailer itself, but the one at the forefront of my mind is a musical one. What is the song in the Fantastic Beasts trailer? The Harry Potter series is notorious for a gorgeous, and highly recognizable, score, and, while the lucky composer who will be working on the score for Fantastic Beasts has yet to be revealed, what he or she have done so far is beautiful.

Because the thing is, we have no idea yet what the song in the trailer is. It's almost unlike anything we've ever heard before. Note that I said almost. Pottermore suggests that the score contains a couple of bars from "Hedwig's Theme," the song that is considered the official theme song of the Harry Potter universe because it's the one that people associate most strongly with the films. When you hear this score, you're thinking of Harry Potter, not specially of Hedwig. From the quiet piano opening to the thunderous orchestral continuation to the powerful conclusion, it would seem downright strange to have a Harry Potter movie without some variation on "Hedwig's Theme."

The song that comes in at the end of the Fantastic Beasts trailer isn't an exact replica of this theme, of course. It doesn't hit all the same notes, and it has more of a rock edge to it. You know, a certain pulse of danger and adventurous intrigue that the original "Hedwig's Theme" lacks. However, I hear enough similarities between the notes of each song to say that our best guess for this trailer is an updated version of "Hedwig's Theme." Perhaps "Hedwig's Theme (Fantastic Beasts Remix)?"

Until we find out who the composer providing the film franchise with its music will be, we're left with nothing but guesses and speculation as to what he or she is calling this magnum opus theme of the series. All I know is that I'm going to be listening to it on repeat, and not just every time I watch the trailer.

Image: WarnerBrosPictures/YouTube