Bella Hadid Has Bangs For 'Twin,' Looks So Different — PHOTO

In a year from now, I wouldn't be surprised if two sisters who do not have the last name of "Jenner" became the true toast of the modeling world. Gigi Hadid has already attained supermodel status and her baby sister continues to nip at her Brian Atwood heels. Bella Hadid poses for Twin with heavy bangs and minimal makeup, once again blowing me away with her mix of a stark, exotic, and slightly androgynous style.

I truly believe that both Hadids will be ascend to even further heights in the modeling world, since both have been steadily and smartly ascending to the top of the modeling food chain. Their respective careers are taking off.

They have differing personal styles, but each has proven to have a unique street style, like Bella's mastery of the '80s satin jacket or rocking Adidas kicks with basic leggings.

For her Twin shot, Hadid's eye makeup was "barely there" and her baby bangs were extra short and choppy. Her lips had a suede-like texture, thanks to her matte, cinnamon-colored lipstick. It wasn't quite a Kyle Lip Kit look, but it came damn close, thanks to the formula and the shade.

Hadid also rocked that oversized black and white checked blazer.

It was a somewhat masculine presentation, as Hadid offered a distant stare. But it was another memorable look for the model.

For her S Moda cover, Hadid did wet hair and neutral makeup. It was a striking image.

They were two totally different looks, but they each retained the essence of Hadid, who is decidedly edgier than her blonde, Victoria's Secret fashion show walking big sister.

Hadid's Seventeen cover found her giving up the rare smile! I am used to Hadid having a severe, no smile pose on the runway, on red carpets, and on her covers. Serious is her "thing."

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Like so.

But her Seventeen cover grin, enhanced by pink lipstick and rosy cheeks, showed another side of this beauty.

Bella was all wrapped in fur on one of her joint V covers with her sister. Each rocked vampy, statement lips in a goth, dark purple x black hue.

None of Bella Hadid's covers look the same. This leggy, dramatic lip presentation was likely her sexiest.

Hadid's slicked back hair and twisted hands for Unconditional made for quite the exotic-looking cover.

Bella Hadid always rocks unexpected imaging on her magazine covers. They are always dramatic, but never in similar ways. Whether she is bare-faced or purple-lipped, she remains unforgettable.

Images: Hadid News/Twitter (1); Bella Hadid/Instagram (1); Seventeen (1); V (2); Unconditional (1)