Does Baby Shampoo As Eye Makeup Remover Really Work? — PHOTOS

I am always, always on the hunt for ways to incorporate budget-friendly hacks into my beauty routine, and lately a new one has been catching my eye. I've been seeing lots of gals claiming baby shampoo as eye makeup remover works, so I finally decided to test it out. After an unexpectedly impressive amount of success using coconut oil as DIY waterproof eye makeup remover, I figured why not try baby shampoo? After all, it promises "no more tears."

Since I work as a freelance writer, I admit I felt a little silly putting on eye makeup solely to take it off, but alas, anything to uncover the truth! To pull this off, all I need to round up was a bottle of baby shampoo and makeup remover cotton pads. According to LiterallyDarling, I just needed to squirt about a dime-sized amount of baby shampoo into my hands, lather with a touch of water, wipe across my (closed) eyes with a pad, and wash off my eye makeup. Simple enough, right? 

I'll admit, willingly putting shampoo in my eyes was nerve-wracking, but the whole process was a breeze once I got over the mental barrier. As for how well it worked? Find out below! 

1. Round Up Products

There's a good chance you have both of these in your cabinet already. 

2. Squirt Dime-Sized Amount In Hand 

Remember: A little goes a long way. 

3. Add A Little Water

Get it foamy! 

4. Lather Over Eyes

Don't be afraid! Remember, it's baby shampoo, after all. 

5. Wipe Away 

Grab your cotton pad and wipe your eye makeup off. 

My Verdict

OK, I admit it stung a little, but it did totally work. I think I personally prefer coconut since I'd rather have mildly blurry eyes over mildly stinging eyes, but either way, baby shampoo is a definite makeup remover win and a great alternative in a pinch. 

Want to try it for yourself? All you need are the two products below: 

Tear-Free Baby Shampoo 

Johnson's Baby Shampoo, $5, Amazon

I went for classic Johnson's

Makeup Removal Pads 

Maxim Hygiene Organic Extra Large Rounds, $14, Amazon

You can use any makeup removal pads, but the organic ones featured above are my favorite since I know I'm not putting any fertilizers or pesticides on my face. 

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Images: Author's Own; Courtesy Of Brands 

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