Jennifer Lawrence Wears A Lace Bra Under A Blazer Because The Cold Can't Stop Her — PHOTO

This actress surely isn’t letting the cold effect her style. Jennifer Lawrence showed her lace bra underneath a blazer because winter, schminter. Who cares how chilly it is outside when you can throw a great coat on over anything that you wear. Business doesn’t stop just because the temperatures dropped — I mean, she is promoting not one, but two movies right now — and fashion shouldn’t let a little thing like the cold get in the way, either.

Lawrence paired her lacy bralette with a royal blue blazer with black accents. The accents perfectly matched the bra, and despite the fact that she was showing off her undergarments, she still looked completely professional, and not to mention, chic. A pair of Zimmerman black pants completed the savvy ensemble. And to keep her warm, she donned an amazing burgundy Burberry coat. Clearly, she’s got this dressing however you want, but still staying warm thing down pat.

If you’re feeling Lawrence’s winning blazer/bra combo (and why wouldn’t you be) then go ahead and shop the look for yourself. It’s easy, really. All you need is a lace bra and a blazer. Some fabulous outerwear wouldn’t hurt, either. Let’s get to shopping, shall we?

How great does she look? The cold never bothered her, anyways.

1. Black Lace Bra

Giselle Bra, $126, For Love & Lemons

A lacy black bra will do just the trick.

2. Tuxedo Blazer

Tuxedo Blazer, $90, ASOS Curve

Especially when you paired with a classy black blazer.

3. Burgundy Bra

Lace Bandeau Bra, $16, Torrid

A lacy burgundy bandeau will give an ultra feminine touch to any ensemble.

4. Burgundy Blazer

Premium Tailored Blazer, $90, ASOS

If you like a matchy, matchy look, go ahead and wear burgundy on burgundy because you can never go wrong with that.

5. White Lace Bra

Lace Longline Bralette, $29, Urban Outfitters

Sometimes a bra that looks more like a crop top is the way to go for maximum coverage.

6. Longline Blazer

On The Fly Cape Jacket, $98, Nasty Gal

If you opt for a longline bra, you may want the same out of your blazer. Plus, this cape blazer is to chic to pass up, isn't it?

7. Lawrence's Coat

Oversize Cashmere Coat, $2,595, Burberry

If you're looking to nail that exact Lawrence look, this is the coat she wore in a different shade.

Lawrence is giving me all of the "dress like it's not winter" feels, and I think I can handle it.


Images: Courtesy Brands (7); Giphy (1)