Survey On Families During The Holidays Shows We All Drive Each Other Nuts

The holidays are a time for families and friends to come together and spread love and cheer. It's also a time for families to rip open wounds, rekindle fights, and start new arguments with each other. In case you wanted a forecast of those fights, a new survey on families during the holidays conducted by HomeAway, a vacation rental marketplace that specializes is holiday rentals, reveals exactly what you should expect (and maybe explains why so many people are considering getting away for the holidays).

Turns out, families think that getting away and gathering in a new space will minimize the risk of family drama ruining the holidays. It makes sense — trade in the living room (that's served as a rink for many-a-fights in the history of your family's holiday past) for some palm trees and swap out mom's rubbery ham for some fresh fish, and all the tension will roll away with the waves nearby. According to the data, the demand for a holiday vacation rental has increased by 26 percent. But for those of us who are stuck at home? Other interesting findings include the following facts:

Eighty-Six Percent Of U.S. Respondents Think It's Important To Spend Christmas With The Family


Most of us are down to get in on the holiday spirit, even if it means getting in a fight or two along the way.

The Average Family Get-Together Size Is Eight People


Eight people is a lot of people. It's too many people to fit in a car, and just enough people to represent all political sides and get in to a very loud and hopeless argument.

One Third Of Respondents Want Their In-Laws In A Separate Room


Okay, this is not surprising. Everything's just safer when the in-laws are not breathing down anyone's neck.

Thirty-Four Percent Of Respondents Say Their Relatives Drive Them Crazy In One Day, Or Less


It's a pretty harsh statistic but, it makes sense. When you don't spend regular time with someone, not just relatives, it can be exhausting to have them in your home and have no space.

So what do you think? Do we need palm trees and room keys keep the holidays peaceful?

Images: Pixabay, Giphy (4)