A 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' Reunion?

It's been over 10 years since Sabrina The Teenage Witch ended (and over 10 years since Sabrina sent Josh away/left Aaron at the altar/chose Harvey!!! AUGH!!!!). The series finale really aired over a decade ago? Whoa. I doubt I'm alone in this/that this is a huge jump, but I think a Sabrina reunion would feel right. What's that? There's going to be a mini Sabrina reunion on Melissa & Joey ? YES. David Lascher, aka Josh (SABRINA AND JOSH FOREVER), will guest star on the ABC Family sitcom. No, it isn't a full Sabrina cast reunion, but it's still exciting. Oh, the nostalgia. Back in April 2013, Hart addressed whether or not she'd be down for an all out Sabrina reunion. Her answer was more or less "Eh, maybe." I reckon that means I shouldn't hold my breath. The mini-reunion will do for now.

In Season 3 of Melissa & Joey, Lascher will play Joe's buddy, Charlie. I love it. But I love any reason that'd bring Sabrina and Josh together again. I can't deal. Though they won't be "Sabrina and Josh," I'm very much on board.

Where did Sabrina and Josh leave off so many moons ago? It's all coming back, it's all coming back to me now... Ah, yes. Sabrina had to end her relationship with Josh, her one true love (suck it, Harvey), to save Aunt Hilda. A spell was cast, and Josh left Sabrina. Seeing Sabrina/Mel and Josh/Charlie together again could feel like sweet, sweet justice for Sabrina/Josh shippers.

I'm sorry for my aggressive Team Josh-ness. Yes, Sabrina cheated on Harvey with Josh, but Harvey dumped Sabrina FOR BEING A WITCH. Who does that? Harvey SUCKS. Whoops. I went aggressive again. Sorry (again).

Here's what I'd like to see from the mini-Sabrina reunion:

A Harvey Joke

I'd be so happy if Charlie and Mel make a dig at a character who just so happens to be named Harvey. Not the Harvey, just a Harvey. The show has winked at the audience before with Sabrina references, so this isn't too unrealistic a wish.


They've reunited in the past, but I wouldn't be mad if it happened again. A surprise Salem cameo would be aces.

Witch stuff

Could witchcraft and magic be worked into the Melissa & Joey world (and would it make sense)? Not sure. But I don't think that the uncertainty should discourage the show from trying!

Mayim Bialik

One mini-reunion is great. Two mini-reunions? Amazing. A Blossom/Sabrina crossover/reunion on Melissa & Joey would be a delight. I can't talk about a Blossom and Joey reunion without mentioning Joey Lawrence and Mayim Bialik's glorious Old Navy ad. Just the best.

An animated scene

Weird? Probably. So weird that it just might work. As it once did.

Tara Reid

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Why? Why not? Boom. Refuted. What does Tara Reid have to do with a Sabrina The Teenage Witch reunion? Who cares? Boom. Refuted. Oh, guess what? TARA REID WILL ACTUALLY APPEAR IN THIS EP. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM.

No, seriously, Tara Reid will be in that episode.

Image: ABC