You Can Add A Lightsaber To Your Profile Picture

After so much anticipation, the week is finally here: it's Star Wars week, with The Force Awakens premiering on December 18 — and now the force can even be in your Facebook profile picture. That's right, there's a Star Wars lightsaber Facebook filter that you can use to add the infamous weapon to your profile picture. Even if you’re overwhelmed and a little afraid of the sheer amount of Star Wars cross-promotions and marketing, everybody loves a lightsaber, let’s be honest, now you can add one to your profile pic, why wouldn't you add one to your profile pic? You can add either a Sith red or a Jedi blue, and it's the one Facebook filter that you definitely should use. (So forget about the sports team filters, OK?)

The lightsaber is maybe the most iconic symbol from the Star Wars franchise besides Darth Vader’s mask or Yoda's wizened, adorable face. You know that you want a lightsaber superimposed on your selfies. You can move the positioning and angle of the lightsaber around, and change the size. Despite the sheer amount of Star Wars marketing making it hard to decide on one favorite, this Facebook filter is pretty great, because it lets you be vain and nerdy all at once. Here are all the reasons you need the lightsaber addition.

1. To Show What Side Of The Force You’re On

Are you a nerd on the Light Side or a cool baddie on the Dark Side? I love Luke Skywalker's blue lightsaber, but that new three-pronged red sword just can't be beat. It's more fun to be bad! Especially in space.

2. To Change Up Your Tinder Profile

Once you turn that filter on, your Tinder is gonna get nerded out. Worst case scenario, you’ll get hella swiped left, but, best case scenario, someone will use it to send you a message. It's a good conversation starter.

3. To Piss Off Your Friends That Don’t Care About Star Wars

It’s fine if people don’t like Star Wars. Different strokes for different folks! But there’s also the cross section of people who don’t like Star Wars and really won’t like that you’ve put some dumb Facebook filter on your profile picture, and you’re, like, just buying into a stupid franchise, and blah blah blah. When they comment about it on your photo, you can just respond with lightsaber battle .gifs or iconic lines like “There’s a disturbance in the Facebook comments,” which will only make them comically angrier. Hehe.

4. To Make Yourself Feel Better About Not Having Tickets To The Premiere

Maybe you’ve been off the ball and haven’t gotten your tickets to a Star Wars premiere in a theater near you, so you might miss the first opportunity to revisit a galaxy far, far away. Keep this lightsaber in your profile picture as a reminder to buy tickets earlier next time, and that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is probably going to be in theaters for the rest of your life, so you still have time.

5. Because You’ve Never Had A Lightsaber

Unless you were a super wealthy young Star Wars fan, you probably never had one of those amazing replica lightsabers that cost upward of a hundred bucks. At best, one of those plastic extendable dealies that would always break. Your profile picture won't.

6. So Your Old Relatives Can Reminisce About Star Wars In The Comments

The first Star Wars premiered in 1977, so there are probably a few branches on the family tree that have stories about going to see the movies for the first time or their favorite branded merchandises from way back when. Star Wars has always been on their marketing game, let's be real. But nostalgia and good memories are what makes Star Wars so beloved to kids of all ages.

7. Because Lightsabers Are The Freakin’ Coolest

Is this even a debatable opinion?! Even people who aren’t fans of Star Wars have to admit that the electrifying, energy beams that can melt your flesh are awesome to just about everyone.

8. Because You Really, Really Love Star Wars

And it's a fun way to show it. Even celebrities aren't afraid to show off their sincere Star Wars geekery. May the force be with you!

Images: Walt Disney Pictures, Giphy (7).