The Most Searched For Cookie Recipe By State Will Make Your Mouth Water

With the holiday season in full swing, aside from presents, time off, the lack of snow, and your frustrating relatives, the only thing on your mind is probably all of the sweet stuff you're going to get to eat. And when it comes to the most popular dessert choices, it turns out we're divided by more than family preference: to show us what America will be eating his holiday season, the baking site teamed up with Today to create a list of the most searched for cookie recipe in each state. So whether you just want to see what's most common where you live, or get some insight on what to bring to a far-away relative's house, this will have you covered.

While some of the selections seemed pretty predictable (New York's favorite were Rainbow cookies, California was Persimmon, Texas was Mexican wedding cookies) others were totally random (Hawaii was Shortbread? Delaware was Cannoli?). And there was only one state who preferred plain old chocolate chip, and it was Colorado. (America, we have some talking to do.) Regardless, it's interesting to see what people seem to enjoy the most, especially when the ingredients of the treats are not geographically-related. Here are a few of the states and their cookies of choice:

Arkansas, Pecan Pie Bars

Maine, Whoopie Pie Cookies

Colorado, Chocolate Chip Cookies

District of Columbia, Ginger Cookies

New York, Rainbow Cookies

Indiana, Chocolate Fudge Cookies

Wisconsin, Cutout Cookies

To check out the rest, see the full list of (nicely decorated) images outlined by state here. Whether the selection intrigues, confuses, or inspires you to want to get yourself to the kitchen ASAP, at least we know that if nothing else, we are always united by our love of all things sweet and sugary.

Images: Pexels (1); Giphy (1)