Where To Stream The Miss Universe Pageant

The beauty pageant industry has definitely received criticism over the years, but it's also hard to deny that the things are just so darn fun to watch. And, these days you can even stream the Miss Universe competition online, which you'll definitely want to do so you don't miss the parade of all the women in their national costumes, designed to emphasize certain aspects of their native traditions. Sure, a beauty pageant can often reduce women to party tricks and the ability to look a certain way in a bikini, but it also is the showcase for some the most elaborate demonstrations on television; a celebration of big hair, big nails, and big gowns. And, there are lots of opportunities for there to be entertaining moments like someone giving a bizarre and funny answer in the question and answer portion.

Unfortunately, streaming the competition is going to be a little difficult because unlike the previous home for Miss Universe, NBC, FOX has yet to launch their own independent streaming app. That means that all of the streaming options for Miss Universe are scattered around the Internet. But, don't fear: Here they are, presented for your viewing ease.

Miss Universe Site (Sort Of)

No, it doesn't seem like the Miss Universe website has the ability to stream the real competition. But if you want to see more than just the Top 15 contestants, you can stream the preliminary round, which features everyone.


If you have Comcast and somehow you don't know about streaming through their Xfinity app, you're missing out on watching live TV with just a simple login.


Ditto for Time Warner Cable. That way, you can double fist the Miss Universe crowning and the Sunday Night Football games.

Optimum App

And the same goes for Optimum, which will let anyone with a subscription stream live TV — but only in your home cable network.


Got a cable box in one place but want to watch Miss Universe somewhere else? A Slingbox or Roku lets you stream cable to your computer remotely.


If you're willing to wait and not stream the awards live, but watch them the next day, they will probably pop up pretty quickly on the FOX Now app, which lets you access their programming from either your computer, console, or phone/tablet. Enjoy!

Image: Michael Becker/FOX (5)