This Obama And Bear Grylls Clip Is Amazing

After he leaves office, President Obama may have a future as a mountain man ahead of him. The Commander in Chief is appearing as the guest of honor on an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, airing Thursday on NBC, and the network released a clip of the episode Tuesday. Each episode of Running Wild centers around Grylls and a celebrity guest exploring exotic locations and essentially interviewing one another. So far this season, Kate Winslet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Michael B. Jordan have all made guest appearances. This week, President Obama will join Grylls on a trek through the Alaskan wilderness.

Obama and Grylls reportedly ate raw wild salmon, drank tea brewed from berries, talked about drinking urine, and prayed together throughout the filming of the episode, but the sneak peek is more humor than action. The clip shows Grylls and the president bonding over a novelty Obama-shaped bottle opener, which depicts a sculpted physique that Obama is quick to claim as realistic. According to the president, the figure resembles him perfectly in all ways but one: his graying hair. More importantly, the trailer may have given the world the greatest GIF of all time.

Obama is known for breaking with tradition, and certainly no other president has gone on national television and talked about how muscular he is. He's been photographed shirtless a few times, and his claims of being ripped are verified. However, it is extremely unlikely that Obama will appear shirtless on the show, unlike what happened in Zac Efron's episode.

POTUS is also famous for using media to his advantage. In January, he became the first sitting president to visit a federal prison as part of his push for criminal justice reform, which was recorded as part of a documentary for VICE. He's frequently utilized popular news programs, like The Daily Show and The Late Show, to connect with the American people on political issues. Given Obama's strong remarks at the recent climate change summit, you can expect some serious talk about climate change in the episode, well-complemented by the picturesque Alaskan scenery.

Grylls and Obama are sure to make an interesting onscreen duo, and judging by the clip, the show looks like it will be extremely entertaining, at least. The episode airs Thursday night at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on NBC, so make sure to tune in.

Images: NBC