Chrissy Teigen Takes Down Donald Trump

The fifth GOP has focused primarily on foreign policy as well as the ways each candidate vows to combat ISIS. What presidential hopefuls haven't focused on is peace. Model Chrissy Teigen's takedown of Donald Trump did exactly just that however. Though the outspoken and prolific tweeter may not be watching the debate, she nonetheless had some harsh words for Trump. She spun a dislike of the Republican front-runner into a positive, tweeting that "Trump actually creates peace in the way that I literally like everyone more because he exists."

Teigen and Trump have previously butted heads on Twitter, with Teigen calling out the real estate mogul after he'd tweeted about a meeting he was having with a group of prominent African American pastors at Trump Tower at the beginning of the month. Trump had described the event as "not a press event," which the model called him out on. How did the GOP candidate respond? By retweeting an offensive reply that attacked Teigen's appearance and stated that Trump's wife Melania was far more beautiful and eloquent.

Rather than perpetuate the feud, Teigen instead tweeted sympathetically that Melania had been through enough already and needn't be referenced during her and Trump's twitter feud. The fact that Teigen managed to stop Trump's tweets against her shows the model's great command of the social media platform as well as just how spot on she's consistently dismantled haters. As the Planned Parenthood shooting was unfolding, Teigen issued a stunning show of support via Twitter. Not only did she and husband John Legend donate to the reproductive healthcare center but she encouraged others to do so as well, adding that anytime something bad befalls Planned Parenthood the couple donates what they can.

Though Trump is clearly occupied on the debate stage at The Venetian in Las Vegas, it's highly unlikely that the historically hotheaded candidate will follow up with Christie's tweet. If he does decide to respond, however, he will undoubtedly be met with another witty reply from Teigen. She may identify as a liberal, but if there is any way that Chrissy Teigen can take the GOP debate stage to go head-to-head with Donald Trump, I'd gladly welcome that war of words.