'Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris' Is Canceled & The Unique Show Will Definitely Be Missed

The only reason I'm not bitter right now is because I understand completely why Neil Patrick Harris and NBC came to this point. Yes, Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris has been canceled, but it was for very good reason. According to Variety, the "live format made it an expensive undertaking for the network and an exhausting regimen for Harris," and how am I supposed to be bitter about that? Harris not only hid secret cameras in people's homes with the help of their friends, made wild costume changes for competitions with other celebrities, and performed on stage as a singer and an actor, but he did this all for a live weekly broadcast. I can't imagine how much sleep he needed when he got home every Tuesday — and late at night, too. And yet Best Time Ever 's unique format is exactly what I'm going to miss about the show.

It's not all bad news. According to the NBC producers, they'll still be working with Harris on further projects. President of Late-Night and Alternative Programming Paul Telegdy told Variety, “We are extremely proud of the work Neil and the producers did on ‘Best Time Ever.’ People rewarded us for taking the risk of trying something different. It was an incredibly complicated and sophisticated form of television to put on a live show on a weekly basis. We’re proud of Neil for giving it his all and we have steely resolve to work together on something new.” While we wait for this "something new" to manifest itself, it's time to say goodbye to Best Time Ever in the best way I know how: by celebrating everything that made the show the actual best time ever.

1. The Live Karaoke Competitions

Harris would turn a camera on random people across the country — many of whom should have figured out why the people in their lives were so insistent that they watch Best Time Ever on that night — and have them sing along to some random song for a cash prize. I, for one, was glad this never happened to me, because I didn't know most of the words to half the songs he featured.

2. Every Time A Sketch Didn't Work Out And Neil Improvised

Let it never be said that Harris isn't a pro at improv. Whether it was a sketch he wanted to put on that had to be canceled at the last minute, or a sketch he tried to put on that the weather shut down before he was even finished, he moved on, made up the time, and continued entertaining the audience in that way that only he can pull off.

3. The Celebrity Pranks

I'm still laughing over how good Britney Spears was at being a mouthpiece for Neil Patrick Harris' own personal brand of awfulness, and what a good sport she was when it came to coming up with her own additions to the prank.

4. When Neil Surprised His Mom For Her Birthday

This was pretty much the sweetest thing ever, and made me not only want to be NPH's best friend, but also a member of his family.

5. The Ever-Changing Celebrity Hosts

The fact that Harris has so many celebrity friends who were all totally willing to come to New York for a night to narrate his show was so cool. Being at a live show in the audience to see Harris is great enough, but getting the added bonus of seeing two to three more celebrity guests on top of that? Um, thank you.

6. Little NPH

And I think I'll miss this little kid most of all. Goodbye Little NPH, and goodbye Best Time Ever. You truly lived up to your title.

Image: besttimeevernph/Tumblr (6)