Jennifer Lawrence Has Mismatched Brows On Mag Cover But Is This A Trend? — PHOTO

Is it time to sound the alarm for a brand new eyebrow trend? Well, Jennifer Lawrence has mismatched eyebrows on her L'Officiel cover, which is the Chinese edition. But the jury is out on whether or not asymmetrical brows will trump the bold, full brow look that has dominated for the past few years, thanks to Cara Delevingne and co. That said, non-matching brows appear to be a unique and cool way to change up your face without resorting to drastic alterations or measures.

Raven-Symone rocked glittery, rainbow brows on her 30th birthday so it's apparent that eyebrows will continue to be a feature that we love to enhance, play with, and alter with different colors and techniques in 2016.

Now, as for J.Law's interesting brows on her L'Officiel cover? While looking straight ahead, the left brow is full and 'scaped. The right brow appears thinner, lighter, and has a much more pronounced and raised arch. Is this a makeup fail? Editing? A matter of her raising one brow and not the other while posing? Is it an optical illusion? Due to happenstance? Totally intentional?

There are more questions than answers and that means it's an impactful image.

Why don't you look at the cover image and draw your own conclusion?

The mismatched nature of her brows is subtle, but it also changes her face. It's not overly dramatic but it is totally noticeable. Fascinating, isn't it? I can't tell if this was intentional or if I am reading too much into it. I love the delicate fabric of her dress, too.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lawrence turned up at the NYC premiere of her new movie Joy in a white Dior slip dress and her thoroughly awesome white blonde lob. Her makeup was wintry and icy. But her brows were totally matched and even.


While J. Law tends to wear her shaggy, textured lob with a deep side part, thus partially obscuring one of her brows, they don't seem to be disproportionate anywhere else other than the L'Officiel cover. We don't know when the cover was shot, but still.

Has the goofy and lovable actress just sparked a new brow trend for 2016, unintentionally or not? That remains to be seen. It's not a bad look. It's just... different. You can change the shape of your brows with powders, pencils, and processes, like waxing or threading. If you want to try a differing brow shapes at the same time, you should definitely consult a profesh.

Image: L'Officiel (1)