Laura Linney Has First Child, Somehow Keeps It Under The Radar

Laura Linney is a magical, mythical being, so really it should not be as big of a surprise as it is that Linney just had a baby. At age 49. After keeping it all way under the radar for the duration of her pregnancy. Magic, I say!

Linney, who's a three-time Oscar nominee, is also known for her roles in The Big C (she was the lady with the titular C), The Truman Show, and Love Actually — and those are just three off the top of my head.

Linney got engaged to real estate agent Marc Schauer; the two got married in 2009. Liam Neeson walked her down the aisle, too, so let that image sink in and give you all the appropriate emotions.

The kid, named Bennett Armistead Schauer, is the first for Linney. The entire experience is certainly an anomaly within celebrity culture, wherein people are already shocked enough when things happen like Zoe Saldana getting secretly married, so headlines including, say, the phrase "SECRET PREGNANCY!!!" are even more exciting. Still, it's kind of an impressive feat keeping this a secret as a lady who walks the red carpet, so good for them, they're like the exact opposite of the Kardashians.