John Krasinski & Jimmy Kimmel's Holiday Pranks Ranked, From Inflatable Reindeer To Gift-Wrapped Cars — VIDEO

From Zac Efron and Seth Rogen's Neighbors to the holiday flick Christmas With The Kranks, disgruntled neighbors are a recurring theme in pop culture. Friendly (and sometimes not-so-friendly) rivalries frequently pop up between the people who live next-door. This isn't just a movie trope, though. Jimmy Kimmel and John Krasinski are actually neighbors and have their own Christmas tradition: a prank war. It all began four years ago when Krasinski and wife Emily Blunt broke in and left a light-up snowman in Kimmel's living room. From there, the pranks quickly escalated. On Tuesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Krasinski and Kimmel's holiday prank war continued and it's as hilariously awesome as ever.

Apparently The Office star broke the rules and stole Kimmel's turn at a prank. The late-night host explained, "I was under the impression it was, like, my turn this year to do something to you." Krasinski was pretty proud of himself, saying,

This is my greatest joy about this year's prank, that we alternate and I robbed you of the joy. When I did the prank to you, I remember seeing your eyes like, "That's really funny. I hate you."

To see just how good this year's pranks were, check out the video below:

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

While this year's seasonal shenanigans may be the best yet, here's a ranking of all previous pranks between Krasinki and Kimmel. It's like a real-life version of Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute's Office pranks.

13. Zombie In The Garden (2012)

The pranks began pretty tame. Krasinski and Blunt put this zombie in the Kimmels' garden. Scary and funny, but they can do better.

12. Insurance Sign (2011)

In the first year of the prank war, Kimmel installed this insurance sign in Krasinski's driveway. Krasinski was not pleased.

11. The Prank That Started It All (2011)

Last year, Kimmel recapped all of the previous pranks. This is the one that started it all: Krasinski and Blunt bought these light-up holiday creatures from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and left them in Kimmel's house. Simple, yet effective!

10. Inflatable Reindeer (2012)

Kimmel stuck this giant reindeer in the Krasinskis' driveway, complete with real reindeer poop. Yuck.

9. Gift-Wrapped Car, Part 1 (2014)

"I have to hand it to you, that's impressive," Kimmel said when he opened his car door and a ton of ornaments fell out.

8. Naked Santa (2015)

While Kimmel was working in the office, Krasinski hired a naked Santa to scale the window. Kimmel muttered to himself and quickly closed the blinds.

7. Gift-Wrapped Car, Part 2 (2014)

The car pranks continued for quite awhile. This time, a group of carolers popped out and Kimmel visibly flinched.

6. Reindeer In The Dressing Room (2015)

When Kimmel was in his dressing room, this cute little reindeer appeared. Based on his reaction, though, it didn't smell great.

5. Gift-Wrapped House (2013)

Stepping up his game, Kimmel wrapped all of the Krasinski family's windows and doors with wrapping paper. There were even carolers and a little elf.

4. Yard Sale (2015)

Kimmel printed tons of flyers with Krasinski's actual address. This "celebrity yard sale" featured everything — from appliances to sex toys to memorabilia. So great!

3. Gift-Wrapped Car, Part 3 (2014)

Yup, the final car prank was the best of the three. Krasinski wore a Santa suit, belly, and beard — he then said he'd give away all of Kimmel's belongings, like his computer and clarinet.

In fact, you can watch the hilarity for yourself here:

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

2. Eggnog Shower (2015)

Just when you thought this year's pranks were over, Kimmel had one more up his sleeves — drenching Krasinski in eggnog. Ever since the Nickelodeon days of pouring slime on people, this kind of prank will always be hilarious.

1. Winter Wonderland Dressing Room (2015)

This prank wins for multiple reasons. Not only did Krasinski transform Kimmel's entire office into a winter wonderland, but he wore a nutcracker outfit and startled him. Plus, there was a huge envelope that Kimmel went to open, but it was simply a distraction with nothing in it.

Please never change, you guys!

Images: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube