This 'Harry Potter' Themed Dorm Is As Close To Hogwarts As Muggles Can Get — PHOTOS

I have spent an overwhelming majority of my human life bitter that I didn't get to attend Hogwarts, but I was comforted during my brief stints with reality, when I remembered it was technically "fictional". However, now that I have seen this Harry Potter themed dorm that is VERY MUCH A REAL THING, that bitterness has resurged with a vengeance. The world's best resident advisor, a college student named Tyler, painstakingly and beautifully recreated all of your favorite things from Potterverse all up and down and around the dorm floor.

I don't know if y'all have ever heard that song "I Wish I Could Go Back To College" from Avenue Q, but I've never felt it harder than I do now. In Tyler's post on Imgur, he shared pictures of the collegiate dreamscape: students are sorted into Houses, and can earn points based on their grades and activities; the halls are decked with knights, flying keys, and Quidditch goal posts; the rules are perfectly recreations of Umbridge's educational decrees from the movies; the bulletin board has been dubbed the Daily Prophet. Just in case your nerdy heart wasn't already singing, there's even a ~secret entrance~ to the Chamber of Secrets (Tyler says nobody has found it yet, buuuuut maybe that's for the best for us Ginny Weasleys of the world).

According to the sign, Tyler is a Civil Engineering major, which I'm assuming is a clever veil for studying to be the next Arithmancy professor at Hogwarts. As I suffer the burden of my FOMO, I can only hope that the students in his hall are appreciative of his efforts. Maybe the one who eventually grows up to be an evil overlord will even leave a Horcrux there out of begrudging respect for the beautiful institution he created! Shucks!

In the meantime, those of us who have outgrown dorms be like:


Stay strong, #old nerds. STAY STRONG.

Images: Imgur; Warner Bros; Giphy