Chrissy Teigen Wears Bodycon Dress To Lounge With Her Puppy — PHOTO

This woman has maintained a certain style throughout her pregnancy, and it happens to have been a super sexy one. Chrissy Teigen wore a bodycon midi dress with a pair of heels, because figure-hugging silhouettes have been her go-to, well, forever. I couldn’t love her more for it, either. It’s great to see a woman embrace her body, and nothing helps her do just that quite as well as a clinging bodycon dress, am I right?

Whether she’s walking the dog, relaxing at her house or on the red carpet, her style stays the same. In the most recent photo she happens to be putting her feet up to relax with her puppies, but even in this super chill moment she’s dressed so well. Teigen is wearing a black dress with lace-up heels, and if you ask me, it doesn’t get much sexier than that — even if she’s just lounging on the couch.

See this most recent shot of her, along with six other times that she’s rocked a form-fitting ensemble while pregnant because nothing slows this woman down or causes her to change her ways when it comes to dressing. Because style is a forever kind of thing, you know? Teigen totally gets it.

Just chilling, but looking darn good doing it.

1. Thursday Night Football

She's waaay more dressed up for football than I ever get.

2. Dinner

We've all had these kinds of dinners. Mine are just never as... well, sexy.

3. Bodycon Style

She kills it in bodycon dresses.

4. Bodysuit

Rocking nothing but a bodysuit. Nice!

5. Balmain Babe

Form-fitting knitted co-ords have never looked better.

6. Bathroom Selfie

Even her bathroom selfies are super sexy.

Nothing goes together quite like Teigen and a form-fitting silhouette, am I right?

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