Chrissy Teigen Makes A Statement In A Trench Coat

This mom-to-be even dresses stylishly while walking her dog, so of course her airport style is on-point, too. Chrissy Teigen wore a trench coat and matching pants to the airport because there’s nothing quite like being comfortable and chic for a day of travel. Chic is practically this lady’s middle name. Chrissy Chic Teigen. It’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Teigen paired her olive green ensemble with a wide-brimmed hat, aviators and that adorable pudgy pet of hers. A pair of open-toed heels completed the look because when you’ve been modeling as long as she has, wearing heels just comes naturally to you. I think I speak for all of us when I say we could stand to let her look serve as major inspiration because I know I don’t leave the house to walk the dog looking that good. I love how she lets even the smallest task become a major fashion moment, so when I go check the mail today — I’m going to channel my inner Teigen and, you know, not wear sweat pants.

Thankfully, it’s easy to look put-together when you’re wearing a trench coat. And I think that’s really the key part of Teigen’s airport outfit. So, check out how she rocked a trench and then shop similar ones for yourself.

Looking good, as always.

1. Classic Trench

Midi Length Trench, $134.36, ASOS

This classic style will take all of your outfits to the next level.

2. Kimono Trench

Kimono Sleeve Coat, $152.28, ASOS Curve

The elegant shape this coat has adds an extra bit of chicness.

3. Sheer Trench

The Long NW Trench, $42, Naked Wardrobe

Go for a sexy look with a somewhat sheer trench coat.

4. Flared Trench

Trench Coat, $74.50, Torrid

A flared shape will be wonderful on anyone.

5. Belted Trench

Belted Overlay Coat, $143.32, ASOS

Let your coat make the statement by belting it up.

6. Faux Suede Trench

City Chic Plus Size Faux Suede Trench Coat, $169, Macy's

There's nothing like adding a little suede to your look.

7. Oversized Trench

White Pepper Trench Coat, $141, Forever 21

Get an effortlessly cool kind of feel with an oversized trench.

No matter which type of jacket you choose, that next dog walk or trip to the airport is going to be your chicest one yet.

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)