How Well Do You Know Holiday Made-For-TV Movies?

While trimming the tree, baking gingerbread men, wrapping gifts, or decking the halls, many of us play Christmas carols or watch Christmas movies on TV. Often, holiday TV movies and specials become background noise, ambiance, or entertainment during the holidays. But, with so many made-for-TV Christmas movies, and networks that specialize in them like Hallmark, Lifetime, and ABC Family, can even their biggest fans keep track of them all? How well do you know the TV Christmas movie specials?

Let’s face it, though they are always sweet and well-intentioned, TV Christmas movies are usually pretty odd. Many suspend disbelief based solely on the fact that it’s Christmas, so they get away with using magic and nostalgia to support weird plot twists — like getting trapped in a dream Snowglobe world. The plots can be so far fetched that I’m not sure all of us would be able to spot a farce. Do you think you would be able to tell the difference between a real holiday TV movie and a fake synopsis?

Let’s play Hallmark movie, ABC Family Countdown to Christmas movie, Lifetime movie, or fake? Can you identify which movie goes to which network? And, can you spot the fake holiday film? It’s harder than you may think.

For Those In The Mood For Christmas Romance:

A) 12 Men of Christmas — An executive tries to save a small town with a nude calendar featuring 12 men.

B) A Boyfriend for Christmas — A woman asks Santa to bring her a boyfriend for Christmas and he does!

C) 12 Dates of Christmas — A la Groundhog Day a woman finds herself reliving Christmas eve over and over again.

D) A Kiss for Claus — Santa finds love in an unlikely place.

A) 12 Men of Christmas , Lifetime (starring Kristin Chenoweth)

B) A Boyfriend for Christmas , Hallmark

C) 12 Dates of Christmas, ABC Family

D) A Kiss for Claus, Fake

For Tori Spelling Fans:

A) Mary’s Christmas Song — A diva (Tori Spelling) must perform her most important concert ever — with the help of a Christmas Angel.

B) A Carol Christmas — A talk show host (Tori Spelling) is out to ruin Christmas fun.

C) The Mistle-Tones — Rival singers compete on Christmas Eve, starring Tori Spelling.

D) Kristin’s Christmas Past — A woman (surprising n) wakes up Christmas morning and finds herself as a guest at her own childhood Christmas.

A) Mary’s Christmas Song, Fake

B) A Carol Christmas , Hallmark

C) The Mistle-Tones , ABC Family

For Christmas Comedy Fans:

A) Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever — Your favorite Internet cat goes on a holiday adventure.

B) Holiday in Handcuffs — Melissa Joan Hart kidnaps a guy so she doesn’t have to spend Christmas single.

C) An Ermahgerd Christmas Story — An animated holiday classic based on the Internet sensation.

D) A Christmas Melody — Lacey Chabert and Mariah Carey star in Christmas movie about coming home again, of course there is also music.

A) Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever , Lifetime (Aubrey Plaza voices Grumpy Cat!)

B) Holiday in Handcuffs, ABC Family

C) An Ermahgerd Christmas Story, Fake

D) A Christmas Melody, premieres December 19 on Hallmark

For People Who Will Always Believe In Santa:

A) Dear Santa — A woman finds a little girl’s letter to Santa asking for a new mother and thinks she’s up for the job.

B) Santa Baby — Santa’s high powered daughter returns home after his heart attack to help run the family business.

C) Naughty or Nice — Santa’s real list falls into a department store elf’s custody.

D) Miss Claus — Santa’s single daughter must find a husband by Christmas Eve in order to procure the next Santa. But maybe she doesn’t need a Mr. Claus after all?

A) Dear Santa , Lifetime

B) Santa Baby — ABC Family (And there's a sequel.)

C) Naughty or Nice , Hallmark

D) Miss Claus, Fake … Yeah, I pretty much ripped that plot from The Princess Diaries 2

For Those Who Love Christmas Decor:

A) The Christmas Ornament — After losing her husband, a woman chooses to forgo decking the halls. Until she receives a gift of a Christmas ornament.

B) The Christmas Wreath — A holiday wreath that never wilts is a good luck charm to a family struggling at Christmastime.

C) Snowglobe — A woman finds herself living in a perfect Christmas world. The only catch? It’s in a snowglobe.

D) Christmas Angel — Ashley finds herself alone and unemployed on Christmas, though an opportunity arises with a sort of Secret Santa.

A) The Christmas Ornament , Hallmark

B) The Christmas Wreath, Fake

C) Snowglobe , ABC Family

D) Christmas Angel , Lifetime

How'd you fare on this holiday quiz?

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