All 50 Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lipsticks Deserve A Place In Your Makeup Drawer

There are 50 luxurious Tom Ford lipsticks included in the new and highly coveted Lip & Boys collection. Ford's beauty products are known for beautiful shades, smooth application, and durability, so it is no surprise that the collection of $35 clutch-sized tubes (as Ford calls them, according to WWD) caused a bit of hulla-ba-loo especially with the addition of the deep plum Drake hue that sold out almost immediately.

The story behind the new lipsticks and the collection is actually quite sweet and sentimental. Each shade is named to honor a man from Ford's own life. For example, Addison is named after Ford's first crush; Rory is his best friend, and Richard is his husband. The inspiration? Ford explained to WWD,

Obviously I’m not expecting a lot of men to wear the lipsticks, but I liked the concept. I love seeing a woman in a man’s suit. Why not have a lipstick named after a man? I could be perverse — and if I were still drinking a lot I’d be perverse, but I’m now a little more tame — but I’m not going to go there.

Classic Ford. Out of the 50 total colors, 36 of them are new. They range from plums and deep browns to bright reds and sparkly champagnes. However, according to WWD the predicted best-sellers are Tomas, Matthew, Flynn, Patrick, and Giacomo.

So, why should you buy them? What makes these lipsticks so special? Refinery29 reports that the ingredients are a combo of soma-seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter, and chamomile flower oil. Additionally, they say that every single shade is tried on Tom Ford himself to see how it feels prior to production for your own lips' pleasure.

So, with no further ado, I present to you the TF Lip & Boys collection, so that you can decide yourself whether or not you have to have them. It's a pretty incredible layout, if I do say so myself. Let me break it down for you.

1. Addison

A pretty common rosy dusk hue.

2. Alejandro

Don't call my name, don't call my name, Alejandro.

3. Alex

My brother's name!

4. Ansel

A gorgeous coral-pink shade.

5. Austin

Perfect for wearing in Austin, I think.

6. Beau

Like the beau you never had.

7. Cary

I think Cary Grant would approve.

8. Daniel

A shimmering berry color is always the way to go for fall.

9. David

Literal gold to pair with your Pat McGrath Gold 001.

10. Demsey

What a power coral.

11. Derek

I can picture Derek right now, chopping firewood and smelling of pine.

11. Eddie

This soft color is like Kylie Jenner gone au naturale.

12. Egon

A Kardashian-approved lip color if I ever saw one.

13. Eric

This is a beautiful rouge-gold befitting of my best friend Eric.

14. Flynn

Perfect for a stroll to the Guinness factory!

15. Giacomo

Such a unique shade.

16. Guillermo

A Spanish rose.

17. Henry

Befitting a Queen.

18. Hiro

A show-stopper worthy of Tokyo.

19. Holden

Cauffield would've hated this color, but I'm into it.

20. Ian

Pretty in pink!

21. Jake

Everyone has dated someone named Jake, I swear.

22. James

The perfect work shade.

23. Jay

Much like the majestic jay.

24. Joaquin

Firey hot!

25. Jude

Jude Law, is that you?!

26. Julian

Your mom's lipstick.

27. Justin

Barbie would approve.

28. Kingston

A sexy date shade!

29. Leonardo

Leo DiCaprio approved?

30. Liam

Wait, are we just listing One Direction members now?

31. Louis

Love this bright (but not too bright) pink.

32. Luca

My kind of coral.

33. Luciano

The devil's red.

34. Malik

This is such a Zayn shade.

35. Michael

For such a common name, this is a pretty unique shade.

36. Omar

Omar must have been pretty sexy.

37. Pablo

This is a Miley Cyrus kind of shade.

38. Patrick

This is for Barbie's little sis.

39. Rafael

This may be a perfect bright red Christmas shade.

40. Richard

A luxurious Michael Kors kind of berry.

41. Roberto

An orangier Rafael.

42. Rocco

An awesome everyday color.

43. Roman

Be a little more adventurous with this brown and bullet grey metallic.

44. Rory

This is a sweet muted gold for a fun holiday lip.

45. Stavros

A wonderful name for a wonderful shade.

46. Theo

A cool dark purple berry.

47. Tony

As an Italian, I can confirm that this is an Italian red.

48. Vladimir

The every day metallic.

49. Wes

A dark red berry for every occasion.

50. Xavier

I wish I'd had relationships with this many men.

Whew. So, now that you've looked through all that: pick your favorites. This collection is pretty darn incredible, and it would last you forever.

Image: Net-A-Porter (1)