Is It Better To Shower At Night In The Winter Or Are Morning Showers OK? — PHOTOS

Changing seasons means making slight alterations to your beauty routine. While it's obvious that you'd use a heavier moisturizer in the winter to help dry skin, for example, what might not be as obvious is if it's better to shower at night during the winter? There's no real cut and dry answer, and it kind of depends on your needs and time constraints, but there are definite factors that can help you decide which time of day is better for you to shower.

First things first — there is no right or wrong time to shower. Just make sure you shower and we're good. But if you want to maximize your shower time and make sure you're doing everything that's best for your body, skin, hair, etc., then you want to consider the pros and cons of showering in the morning and at night. For example, showering in the morning can help wake you up, which is great if you aren't a morning person and need that extra perk up. But on the flip side, showering at night can help relax you and contribute to better sleep, and if you've had a stressful day, you definitely need that.

But then there's the added caveat of winter. If you live somewhere cold, you definitely want to avoid going outside with wet hair, so if you aren't going to spend the time drying it, you might want to swap your morning shower for nighttime.

Here are some things to consider when deciding if it's better to shower in the morning or at night.

Shower in the morning if you....

1. Need A Boost Of Energy

Not a morning person? A shower can help shake you out of your slumber.

2. Are Willing To Dry Your Hair

Going outside with wet hair when it's cold out can cause your hair to freeze and then break off, so you absolutely must be willing to dry your hair if you shower in the morning.

3. Have Oily Skin

Oil can build up at night, so if your skin is extra oily, a morning shower is better. However, if your skin produces less oil in the dry winter months, this might change for part of the year.

Shower at night if you...

1. Have Trouble Sleeping

Showering can help relax you before bedtime, so if you have trouble turning off your mind and falling asleep, try showering at night.

2. Like To Air Dry Your Hair

Again, you shouldn't go outside with wet hair when it's cold out, so if want to air dry, wash at night and sleep on it.

3. Have Dry Skin

Winter tends to dry you out, and showering at night is better for those suffering from eczema or just run of the mill dry skin.

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