When Does 'Mom' Come Back? The CBS Comedy Should Be Celebrated During Its Holiday Hiatus

CBS' Mom has crossed over from an underrated gem to a gem that people are finally starting to recognize and appreciate for how great it really is. And even though Season 3 just premiered in November, Mom will be on a brief winter hiatus because of the timing of the holidays (Thursday night Christmas Eve/New Year's Eve is not great for the Thursday night comedy blocks; hence, a brief holiday break). So when will Mom return after the holidays? According to Cinema Blend, Season 3 will come back on Thursday, Jan. 7, just one week after all of the festivities are over.

That means there will only be a three-week period without Mom — though that's still long enough to seriously disappoint the DVR. But once January rolls around, there should be plenty of new episodes, which is the benefit of those super-long major network seasons. And even though it is only in its third season and only just premiered in November, Mom has already given its fans so much as Christmas gifts. So, while it's briefly on break, let's celebrate all of the things that Mom does best while we wait for it to return in 2016.

1. Every Time Allison Janney & Anna Faris Play Up Their Height Difference

Yes, of course the show has better and more sophisticated humor than that, but why deny the simple pleasure of Bonnie lifting up Christy to put a star on the Christmas tree?

2. When It De-Stigmatizes Addiction Issues

Mom treats addiction as an ongoing mental health issue that can be overcome, but only through hard work and maintenance. Bonnie and Christy have slip-ups, and in Bonnie's case, relapses. But the show treats all of it as part of the journey to recovery from addiction, and always handles those elements respectfully.

3. Showing Real Financial Struggles

Sitcoms don't often address realistic financial struggles, but Faris' performance as a beleaguered single mom struggling with debt is extremely relatable, and another reason to love Mom.

4. Bonnie's Corny Jokes

She's bawdy and unapologetic, but it's Bonnie's cheesy sense of humor that makes her the most lovable. She can occasionally say come cutting things, but usually, she's there with a goofy joke instead.

5. Guest Stars Like Octavia Spencer & Ellen Burstyn

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As grating as his other shows can be, Chuck Lorre manages to rope in lots of huge stars. He even got Bob Newhart to appear in Sheldon's literal dreams on The Big Bang Theory. But since Mom is more serious, here guests like Burstyn get to do more dramatic work.

6. Allison Janney's Emmys

Someone as talented as Janney can't have enough awards (though she certainly has a good collection going right now).

Ugh, is it Jan. 7 yet? The rest of Mom Season 3 can't come soon enough.

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