Will Colin O'Donoghue Return To 'Once Upon A Time'? Hook's Not Gone For Good Yet

The mid-season finale of the ever-twisting ABC series Once Upon A Time , delivered just as much action and emotion as ever ... maybe too much. Fans are having Jon Snow flashbacks as they try to cope with Hook’s, played by Colin O'Donoghue, heroic death — absorbing all of the darkness from the whole co-Dark One drama and sacrificing himself. But, I have to argue, Hook isn’t really dead.

Though Hook seemed to really die this time (remember the Season 4 alternate timeline finale when he also died?), the episode ended on a hopeful note. OUAT Season 5B will follow Emma into the Underworld in order to save Hook. And, when the show’s executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis discussed this storyline with TV Insider, things looked promising for Hook. In the interview, Kitsis said O'Donoghue has been “excited” about the story arc and echoed that Emma is following her father’s line of, “I will find you. I will always find you.” If that isn’t enough, Kitsis added that he thinks, “There’s much more story to be told yet between those two.”

Still need more proof that Hook is alive? Here are five pieces of evidence that prove Colin O'Donoghue will return before we know it.

1. He Was Chill About The Mid-Season Finale

O'Donoghue didn't post a goodbye or anything sappy when Hook died. He just posted picture with co-star Sean Maguire, which to me says everything is business as usual.

2. His IMDB Page

His IMDB profile lists him on OUAT through 2016.

3. O'Donoghue StIll Is Posting About OUAT

His Facebook and Twitter are full of OUAT posts like this one. So it's clear he isn't moving on from Hook.

4. Jennifer Morrison Just Posted A Picture With Him

The proof is in the hashtag #onceuponatime!

5. Once Upon A Time's Tweets

OK, even the show is teasing us!

Hook, we'll all be awaiting your return when Once Upon A Time season 5B premieres March 2016.

Images: Jack Rowand/ABC, IMDB