Tina Fey's Daughter Alice at 2014 SAG Awards Is Way Cooler Than Illegitimate Son Randy

If you had any concern that the next generation of comedians wouldn't live up to the Julia Louis-Dryfuses, the Amy Poehlers, and the Melissa McCarthys of the world, fear not. Tina Fey brought her daughter to the 2014 SAG Awards and it's becoming more and more evident that this little scene stealer is a rising star. Fey's daughter Alice Zenobia Richmond stole the show on the SAG Award red carpet and then again when the camera panned to 30 Rock star Fey when her name was called along with the others for Best Actress in a Comedy Series.

If this is your first time getting a taste of little Alice, born in 2005, you're a little late to the game. Alice had a cameo on 30 Rock and played a younger Liz Lemon. Some had a problem with it, others (like yours truly) thought it was brilliant, tasteful, and of course, hilarious.

Fey hasn't been shy about sharing the funny things Alice has said over the years, either. Fey told People magazine that Alice is a harsh, yet fair, critic.

"She drew a picture of me and Amy in our gowns,” recalls Fey. “It’s a pretty good drawing, but she did these dialogue bubbles with big question marks in them. She was like, ‘They’re because I didn’t understand any of your jokes!'"

Plus, Alice and her brand of humor already have a following. FuckYeahAliceFey is something that unironically exists on Tumblr so look out, world, Alice is here and she's ready to take over. Just check this out:

The charisma! That smile! You had us at wave-hand-movement, Alice. She's way cooler than Fey's illegitimate son, Randy. That's for sure.