Watch Jennifer Lawrence & 5SOS Recap 'Star Wars'

Have you sufficiently prepped your upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens screening with a recap session of all the previous films? If you find yourself seriously struggling to find the time, then you don't need to worry, because MTV have put together a snappy 86 second movie of celebrities recapping Star Wars for you.

Featuring a wide range of celebrities from boy bands to Oscar winners and child stars to horror directors, the video is an essential crash course in some of the movies' most vital moments, including Han Solo professing his love for Leia via a touchingly arrogant retort, Chewbacca roaring away indecipherably, Darth Vader experiencing some breathing problems and lightsabers swishing about making that zum zoom shzum noise that they do...

Hold up, wasn't there more to Star Wars than that?

Well, regardless, it's a must-see for Star Wars fans — and be honest with yourself, where else are you going to see Jennifer Lawrence getting exasperated over her failure to do a decent Chewbacca impression, or 5 Seconds Of Summer accomplishing a pretty amazing Jabba The Hut impression?

First, to prepare for celebs recapping the franchise, make sure you've familiarized yourself with the previous films:

All good? Good. Now — the Force is definitely strong with these guys...

1. Elijah Wood

Narrates the intro with flair, but isn't convincing me with his Newsroom approach to storytelling. This is a galactic war, Elijah! Put some urgency into it!

The Force Rating: 2/5 — He does suit that flying that Starfighter, though

2. Natalie Dormer

Ooh, girl! It's like you've hologrammed yourself right into my heart with that performance. Dormer's take on Leia is totally perfect.

The Force Rating: 5/5 — These are the droids you're looking for

3. Example, Chris Mason & Lucien Laviscount

Mason does a stupendously convincing Obi-Wan Kenobi impression; so good that my mind feels almost Jedi tricked out just watching it.

The Force Rating: 5/5 — Mind blown

4. Will Poulter

Poulter keeps it breezy and casual, offering a "The Force is strong with this one" in the same manner that he might tell a chef in a food truck that their burgers are pretty good.

The Force Rating: 2/5 — There is nothing casual about the Force. Step it up, Poulter!

5. Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, & Josh Hutcherson

We are in Wookiee central here with this one, and yet poor old Lawrence just can't do it. But on the upside, her lightsaber noise is pretty cool, and Hutcherson and Hemsworth nail the Chewie growl.

The Force Rating: 4/5 — I love that Lawrence also makes a lightsaber look like a jabby little knife

6. Benicio Del Toro

More Wookiee impressions, and I'm not kidding, Del Toro can definitely do better— although his little proud smile after his attempt warms my little heart no end.

The Force Rating: 1:5 — This lightsaber needs recharging

7. Seth Rogen

Wookie impression number three, and though it's classic Rogen... it's also not too great.

The Force Rating: 0/5 — He's not even in the same galaxy as everyone else

8. Tina Fey & Paula Pell

That's more like it, ladies! You've got to give credit to Pell, who truly gave it her all with that Chewbacca impression — but alas, she says afterwards, "I think I just coughed up a little bit of bread in my mouth." Oh dear. Don't try this at home, people.

The Force Rating: 3/5 — Too much force can spoil the Jedi

9. Daniel Radcliffe & James McAvoy

McAvoy does a pretty decent Obi-Wan impression, but it's still not a patch on Mason's from earlier. Radcliffe looks a little jealous.

The Force Rating: 3/5 — More powerful than you can ever imagine

10. Bradley Cooper & Sienna Miller

They take on the iconic "I love you," "I know" moment between Han and Leia — Miller gets it, Cooper on the other hand makes the "I know" sound like he's responding to his mother's wishes to wrap up warm, 'cause it's cold outside.

The Force Rating: 2/5 — Frozen in carbonite

11. Tom Hiddleston

Impression master Hiddleston naturally knocks it out of the galaxy with his Darth Vader impression. Spot on.

The Force Rating: 5/5 — Heavy breathing is totally cool

12. 5 Seconds Of Summer

I'm beyond impressed by the 5 Seconds of Summer boys impression of Jabba The Hut. Close your eyes and it's like Jabba is right here in the room.

The Force Rating: 4/5 — It's still not enough to convince me on the allure of that slave bikini

13. Bryce Dallas Howard

Howard has clearly been practising her lightsaber skills since childhood: Just look at that form! This woman knows exactly what she's doing, and more power to her.

The Force Rating: 5/5 — Zum zoom shzum!

14. Aziz Ansari

"It's a trap!"; everyone else can forget about it, Ansari is my number one of the whole video. Just look at that face. Boy has mad skills.

The Force Rating: 5/5 — Please hire him for the next installment, thanks

You can enjoy the full recap yourself and get yourself up to speed before the big screening night of The Force Awakens by watching the video below.

Images: MTV International/YouTube (15)