8 Holiday Cards Celebrating Democratic Candidates

What better way to make this year's holiday season extra special than sending every person you sort of care about a glittery statement on the 2016 election? Exactly. There isn't one. So here are eight holiday cards that celebrate the Democratic presidential candidates, because it's the time of year to appreciate all that the party's hopefuls have to offer.

Hillary Clinton may be up in the polls, but when it comes to holiday cards, Bernie Sanders has been the clear front-runner all along. Americans love their Bernie — but even more, they love seeing his face pop out from inside an envelope, apparently. And it's not too late to join in on the fun, even for Hanukkah. No really; your friends will be so impressed by the fact that you sent snail mail that they won't even realize that they received their cards after the holiday came and went.

For the rest — Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year's — there's really no excuse as to why you can't share your love for Hill or Bern with some glossy paper and a darling font. As for O'Malley... well, you'll have your name in shining lights on the front of a Christmas card someday, buddy.

1. "Feeling The Bern, Despite The Cold" Card

The holiday season is the perfect time to let out all your best puns. And while sneaking them into the dinner table conversation over latkes or Christmas goose is a good idea, sending them in the mail is an even better one.

2. "All I Want For Christmas Is ..." Hillary Card

This card is just asking to have one of those musical players inside, so when your recipients open their mail, they're gifted with a new rendition of Mariah Carey's holiday tune that switches out "you" for "Hill." Am I right?

3. Gift Inequality Bernie Card

Um, Hallmark needs to hire this Zazzler ASAP. The creator of this card clearly understands subtle puns, successfully pegging text to the holiday, and tossing in a Christmas color to top it all off.

4. Bernie Sanders Claus Card

Santa Claus/Sanders Claus. Get it? I was LOLing for a while, and your friends and family will too when they find this little slice of joy in the mailbox.

5. Hillary 2016 Card

Simple and classic, just like Hillary herself. This card is perfect for ringing in the new year and getting your loved ones pumped about the possibility of a whole term with Clinton running the White House.

6. Feel The Bern Holiday Card

When I say that this card covers all the bases, I mean all the way to home plate and even back to the dugout. You've got a festive Sanders, a snowy border, a whole lot of colors, and even a cane (unfortunately, not the candy kind).

7. The Ugly Christmas Sweater Bernie Card

When did the ugly Christmas sweater trend go beyond actual clothing? Maybe you can deliver all these cards by hand while wearing this graphic on a chunky knit sweater.

8. The Obama-nable Snowman Card

Because how could I not? In honor of the adorable, Obama-nable president, who is only a year away from a White House departure, here's a look at just how much your friends/relatives/co-workers could appreciate your delightful Dem holiday cards.

Image: Melissah Yang/Bustle; Apple; Getty Images