Gigi Hadid & Tommy Hilfiger Partner For A Collection That's Bound To Be All-American Fab

She's not just a supermodel, a newly-minted status bestowed upon her by Vogue. Gigi Hadid is designing a line for Tommy Hilfiger, so she can now effectively add "designer" to her impressive and growing list of resume credits. Hadid has rapidly ascended to supermodel status in the past year and now she's taking the next logical step and using her experience, her style, and know-how to craft a range.

Hadid was initially hired to be a global ambassador for the long-running department store brand, but it evolved into something more. The New York Times had the scoop on this collabo, even though the tone of the piece seemed to be dragging Hadid a tad due to the fact that she is famous for being famous and repeats vocab words.

"Global ambassadorships are a bit overused and not too exciting," Hilfiger himself told The New York Times. "We’re really doing something different. We’re creating a line called Gigi by Tommy Hilfiger, using her style, her sense, her social media presence as the top supermodel in the world today."

So there you have it. The brand is making effective use of Hadid's status and her influence to infuse new life into its offerings.

What else do we know about Hadid x Hilfiger? Here are the four key pieces of info.

1. Hilfiger Chose Her For A Reason

Hilfiger opted to work with Hadid on runways in the past because of her curves! "She’s a real woman," Hilfiger said, per The New York Times. In the release, he noted, "Gigi has walked in our runway shows and now we are thrilled to continue our collaboration with her as the new face of Tommy Hilfiger womenswear and fragrance. She is truly the definition of today's 'Tommy Girl' — her magnetic personality is bright and always optimistic, and her style is confident, effortless and cool."

2. She Is Super Into The Gig

Randy Brooke/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hadid is super into this gig, rolling up her sleeves and diving right in. "I ended up staying an extra five hours the first day. I think they were surprised I was that into it," the model told The New York Times about her first day on the job in the design studio.

Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hadid admitted to being a lifelong fan of the brand. "I never thought I would be asked to design a capsule collection, so it still feels like a dream that Tommy approached me to collaborate," Hadid said in a press release. "His company is one that I genuinely love and have been a fan of for my entire life, and Tommy is the easiest, most fun person to work with."

3. Fall 2016

Hadid's initial capsule collections lands in Fall 2016. The press release notes that the capsule will feature women's sportswear, footwear and accessories, such as watches and sunglasses, and a new fragrance. Each item will celebrate Hadid's unique take on modern style, fused with Hilfiger's signature "classic American cool" heritage. She will also serve as the face of the brand overall, because duh! This is a full-service collabo.

4. Sports-Inspired

The collection will be sports-inspired. "There are styles that are really hippie chic, styles that are sporty streetwear, and styles that are tomboy but girly," Hadid, who helped Donatella Versace launch her Instagram page, said. "Everyone is going to love a different part of it."

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the Hadid x Hilfiger pieces.

Images: Gigi Hadid/Instagram (3); Tommy Hilfiger (2)