When Will Gigi Hadid For Tommy Hilfiger Be Available? It's Sooner Than You Think

It's time to make some room in your closets, folks! Gigi Hadid is designing a collection for Tommy Hilfiger, so if you've long been dreaming of stealing a piece of the model's superb style, now is finally your chance. The news of this exciting partnership is hot off the press, and already I can barely contain my excitement. Only one question now remains, when will Gigi Hadid for Tommy Hilfiger be available? Fortunately, sooner than you might expect.

High-profile collaborations such as this one are usually in the works for eons before they're finally released to the public — or at least that's what it feels like. It seems like we have to wait so freaking long to get our paws on the latest collaborations when they are heavily teased on social media and on red carpets, but in reality they usually drop a matter of months after they are first announced. Thankfully, the people at Tommy Hilfiger are feeding our fashion appetites rather quickly. If you ask me, this is the best holiday gift we could have ever gotten.

Hadid's capsule collection officially arrives in Fall 2016, which is less than a year away — hooray! Turns out Hadid and Hilfiger will have all your #FallFashionGoals covered for next season with a heavy focus on "sporty streetwear," according to the release. Hadid practically spearheaded the athleisure trend this year, so you know her sporty designs will be amazing.

Can't wait to see what Hilfiger and Hadid have been cooking up!

Image: Tommy Hilfiger